Intentionally avoiding flagging

I’ve noticed that players can apparently avoid flagging by editing their comments. While this certainly puts hope in a betterment of an author’s attitude, are there players who deliberately use it to get rid of flagging.

If you could please change this so that flags stay on, then that would be great. Don’t allow editing to remove flagging. Let them make a new comment instead if they feel they’ve been wronged.

In particular has mimi45 come to my attention, who edited 4 comments to get rid of flagging and to further troll.

So you just bought CCP,
Super-lag during large fleet battles, node crashes, etc,
CCP killed highsec PvP
The edit here was an added “poorly executed censorship”, which apparently was made to defy the flagging system.

What is trolling? .
Same thing here, “ccp love censorship very much”.

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Can’t you just flag again? The first flag is just automatic hiding by the forum software. The second flagging has to be taken care of by an actual GM/ISD.

The point is for us not having to flag comments again, especially when edits are made to remove flagging. I’d rather see people who intentionally do this receive a ban than for others having to reapply their flags. It would then be nice if it couldn’t be done in the first place.

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I have received a flag for politely pointing out a ganker miner for just telling that he AFK mines. I don’t think I deserve a ban for that. :wink:


You don’t seem to understand… When you edit the comment will it remove the flagging. Did you edit your comments just to get rid of the flagging?

Of course I did, I did not break any rules by telling people about that AFK miner. But you want a ban for receiving a flag.

hihihi …

No. I said I’d rather see people getting banned, who intentionally defy the flagging system.

When a post is flagged it is put to an ISD for review. There are a lot of different ways we can address flags but one of them is to hide the post and require the author to edit it to more properly conform with forum rules. If you see a post that was flagged and edited and still does not meet the forum rules, please, flag it again. We will see that it is a post that has been flagged before and can take further action if the situation calls for it.

You are also, of course, welcome file tickets if you do not agree with any decisions made here. In the meantime, keep up the flagging and I’ll keep doing my thing :slight_smile:


They should be throwin’ bans at people who flag others just ‘cause they’re disagreein’ too. Ya’rr right mate, some people 'round here really need a reality check.

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