Flagging in posts

Can someone at ccp PLEASE stop all those crazy people that abuse the flagging system just to censor out opinions that they do not like or do not want?

This crazy behaviour is going completely out of hand and really annoying…

And PLEASE mods…actually READ those flagged posts and not just delete them BECAUSE they are flagged…most of those flags are fake because they contain an unwnated opinion the flagger don’t like or is not able to argument down and you simply obey to the flag without even seeing behind the curtain?

90% of these post don’t even deserve a flagging…

reported :slight_smile:


Closed for Ranting.

@Traco_Miritu if you believe that your posts are unfairly censored or you have a problem with how we ISD handle things you are welcome to contact Community Team at communityteam@ccpgames.com