[InterBay] Peer-to-Peer Marketing Service

InterVC is pleased to announce the launch of InterBay, a peer-to-peer marketing platform designed for capsuleers.

InterVC is a subsidiary of InterBus mandated to deploy the group’s ‘Quadruple A’ credit rating in support of new ventures to develop cross border trade.

InterBay uses the existing infrastructure of the Inter Galactic Summit fluid router to provide a space for capsuleers to advertise and search for goods and services.

If the start up phase is successful in demonstrating customer interest, InterVC hopes to issue shares in InterBay by way of a simultaneous private placement to interested capsuleers in due course.

To facilitate ease of browsing by potential customers, advertisers are encouraged to use the format for adverts set out below. InterBay understands, of course, that a bespoke format may be more appropriate in some circumstances.

An index of compliant adverts will be maintained by InterBay and updated periodically.

By default, advertisers are free to post their own adverts without charge. Those wishing to place adverts on an anonymous basis can do so by sending the text to InterBay, together with a small administration fee, currently set at 50,000 ISK.


Listing index

  1. Seeking graphic designer for corporate media campaign - under negotiation

  2. Seeking partners for production of computing and technology manufacturing components - new listing!

How convenient, I was looking for just such a service!


Title: Udorian Scholae Palatinae seeks Ammatar and Khanid computer hardware manufacturing partners.

Details: Udorian Scholae Palatinae, operating within Tash-Murkon, seeks Ammatar and Khanid partners for the development and production of high end computing and technology manufacturing components to grow the Tash-Murkon, Khanid, and Ammatar technology sectors and economy, for the benefit of the Amarr Empire and faithful’s benefit.

Contact: Udorian Scholae Palatinae CEO, Uriel Murk’Udoria

Parallel platforms: None

Status: In Progress

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