[NEW CHANNEL] "The Valley"

Thanks to the generosity of the Servant Sisters of Eve as well as the partnership with Interbus and EveScout I am pleased to announce the opening of a new venue for capsuleers to socialize in:

“The Valley” is located in Thera, aboard the Sanctuary Institute of Paleocybernetics and is intended to act as a much-requested physical lounge in the spirit of The Summit. Open to all who obey the rules the “The Valley” is meant to transcend across borders, bloodlines, and beliefs. It was born in shared human struggle and the pursuit of the unknown and we hope those themes will be in your mind as you relax during layovers to other parts of New Eden.

First used by The Sanctuary as an observation lounge overlooking the hot-labs on the terminal ring it has been re-purposed since then as a hang-out for the Sisters employees and capsuleers who formed a relationship following the Second Shattering in late YC116. With the opening of Interbus’s new hub on board, the Sanctuary and Therabois have chosen to open it to the public.

Featuring a zen garden, seating for fourteen, a mini-bar, koi pond, plants and passerines from across inhabited space, and stunning vistas of the plasma world Thera XII, “The Valley” is a relaxing private lounge convenietly located near the interbus terminal and inter-station highway. Thanks to Interbus, Eve Scout, and The Sanctuary, safety is guaranteed while visiting though we would like to remind all those who may visit in capsule-compatible starships that Thera remains un-policed space. Holo connections are permitted and tactile feedback drones are available for rent.

We hope to see you at “The Valley” in the future

Rules and disclaimers:


Access to Sanctuary only areas of the station is strictly enforced by armed guards so exploration is not encouraged.

We are aware that a very small population of extremely problem individuals within the Empyrean community create the majority of the problems within it and are not going to allow those few to ruin the experience of others, but have decided that everyone deserves a chance. Those this applies to know full well who they are and are warned they have one opportunity that will not be given again should they repeat their past behaviors.

All current serving Summit moderation staff are welcome to remain in that role with administration rights over the violence-prevention and belligerent removal microwebifiers that keep “The Valley” safe and comfortable for all. If you are a current Summit moderator and would like to assist in that capacity please mail me for addition to the ACL. Any other applicants for moderator will be rejected or accepted on a case-by-case basis.

(( In the interest of inclusiveness and decency the channel is strictly PG-13. Slurs, OOC political discussions or allusions to IRL politics made IC, extended OOC arguments, racial discrimination, or roleplaying animal abuse with the local fauna is going to get you banned permanently. Attempting to pass off ‘clever’ phrases such as “my brutor” or other in-game variations of real racial slurs is absolutely going to get you removed. In Character racism and argument is allowed at the same capacity as The Summit. Excessive “meming” is also discouraged. Any veteran roleplayers observing blatant canonical mistakes are encouraged to privately explain errors rather than attacking it In Character. Arrangements to use the venue for other purposes or events should be made via eve mail to me.))


I like the name.

Hopefully “The Nadir” won’t become more relevant.

Just to clarify, this is a physical space to visit? Are there holo facilities available, or do we actually have to go to Thera to visit?

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It is a physical location but holo-drones have been provided for those who cannot make the trip to Thera themselves or do not have premium membership to Interbus’s VIP network.


Sounds neat. Can’t wait to visit.


I like. Especially the koi pond.

Edit: Okay, so I just re-read the summary. How did I miss this initially?

Wow. Just… wow. Has this happened before?


Sounds like a place I should keep my distance from!


Not here. And it will not.

I am sorry to hear that ma’am, I hope you reconsider as this location is designed for the enjoyment of everyone.


Are weapons permitted? Those fish look like they might jump at passers by.


All weapons and implants are allowed, we realize many who travel Thera must do so armed and are absolutely confident in the Sanctuary’s security systems preventing any violence between parties that was not agreed upon and arranged prior.

None of the flora or fauna are capable of harming anyone

And I must re-iterate: ANY violent action, disturbing, or disruption of the animals will result in a permanent ban. Many of the species of plant and animal here are on loan from worlds across New Eden and are considered threatened or rare. Aside from that, even the common species are precious.

The history between The Sanctuary, Eve Scout, and Therabois is rich and the animals and plants here are what originally compelled the Sanctuary’s station administration to allow Therabois to stay in possession of the space. These plants and animals all share a genetic heritage with humanity and represent our common origin. They represent the very spirit of exploration and unity that brought humanity to Thera to begin with.

Suffice to say, love of the natural was what first brought the disparate elements who now call Thera home to the valley to socialize and there is a ZERO tolerance policy to their harassment.

Feeding them is allowed, the dispensers are on timer to prevent overfeeding so if you visit and they are offline please do not be alarmed. They are tricky and will try to guilt you into giving them food but giving them anything but what is dispensed at for them will be considered harassment by default.

(We understand that some of the birds like to steal food and will take that under consideration when reviewing security footage as well as reprimand the birds in writing.)

Bottom line: These plants and animals are more important to us than your company is.


When you do, consider very carefully my warning about your past behavior.

I encourage you to weigh the long-term benefits of being included against the nanosecond rush you may get from your actions before the webifiers drop you and you are permanently barred.


Are other faunas allowed? Can I bring my pet goat?

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Maybe someone was hungry and tried to catch and cook the fish or something?

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I guess if it doesn’t try to harass the local flora by munching on the plants. :wink:


Looks like a great opportunity to come back to my old home.

Thera has lacked a good place to relax and it looks like you provided that.

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I think goats must be muzzled before entering.


All this has happened before, and will happen again.


Well, ■■■■ you too.


I’m fine with this.


Those sound like quite intelligent birds. What planets do they come from ?


You asked for clarification ma’am. I am not certain why you expected to have the right to mistreat the animals or have your joke taken anything but seriously. We have made every accommodation to allow visitors but know that your presence and by extension, the presence of all visitors is a privilege.

The six passerine families that reside here are from across New Eden but I have been asked by the ecosystem curator to not publicly oust them as there is some danger that unsavory parties will use that information to harm these protected species.

Suffice to say that their legal representation will be the one to file received complaints as the birds have demonstrated a refusal to read and tend to use the reprimands as nesting material when provided physical copies.