Intercepted Message: Video Records of Wirashoda Terrorism Trials


Dont ask me how I got this. Friend of a friend of a friend of a ghost as far as you know, ya feel me? Temporary chaos in the abyss makes holes, and sometimes interesting things fall in them.






When uncompressed, each file contains a separate video record of a specific trial proceeding held inside the Executive Wing of the Triangular Trading Tower fortizar in Wirashoda. A makeshift courtroom of sorts is visible, apparently set up in a large secure ship hangar. Temporary walls have been set up to create specific spaces. There is a main courtroom area that features a judge’s bench on an elevated dais and tables for the prosecution and defense, respectively; a prisoner holding cell accessible by a side entrance; and a seating area for witnesses.

In the center of the makeshift courtroom there is a visual projection system capable of rendering three-dimensional images. Prisoners are brought in to stand inside a locking cage before the judge.

At the forefront of the room, Sahara Jackal is seated at the judge’s bench. She is present in each and every case as the judge who conducts the proceeding and renders the verdicts.

There are security personnel visible standing guard and transporting prisoners to and from the courtroom area. All of them are dressed in the uniforms of Stribog Clade baseliner crew. Additionally, there are specific baseliner staff members assigned to serve as prosecutors and several others who serve as defense attorneys. Cross-checking of the names of the prosecuting and defending attorneys would reveal that all of them have (or had) valid credentials to practice law in one or more Empire jurisdictions, but all of them also have known or suspected affiliations with Stribog Clade.

In each case, the prosecutor presents his or her case based on evidence showing the actions of the various vessels in combat on June 9-10 YC123. The center display illustrates the placement of each involved ship in the battle, and a record of its actions over the course of the engagement. The prosecutors also cite to evidence gathered from the wreckage of ships salvaged in the combat zone. Specifically, crew manifest lists for the relevant ships, and other similar data pulled from public records.

The trials take place over a number of different days, time stamped on each video. In total, two hundred and twenty Gallente Federation citizens are prosecuted.

There are three cases that are out of the ordinary. In the trials for Ahabecca Hand and Berman Hekur, the defense argues that they were merely bystanders who had heard about the battle forming and came to witness it. The prosecutor is unable to prove that either of them had any malicious intent and is unable to associate them with any of the NADSC vessels.

Sahara Jackal can be seen finding each of them not guilty and ordering them to be released and transported to high-security space safely.

The third case involves a woman named Gwendra Jadha. She is dressed in the uniform of a NADSC mercenary, but insists that she is innocent. She refuses to answer any other questions besides her name and identity as a citizen of the Gallente Federation.

The prosecutor provides only circumstantial evidence that she served on one of the NADSC ships (captured near the wreckage of Commander Adams’ Typhoon-class vessel; recovered wearing a standard issue crew uniform of staff on that ship); but the prosecutor is unable to find her name on any crew manifests. Sahara finds that there is not sufficient evidence to prove her guilt and likewise orders her to be released.

Overall, the trials are highly simplified and likely would fall short of the specific regulations for court proceedings that apply in each of the Empires, respectively. However, there appears to be at least an effort to conduct the trials based on evidence rather than mere suspicion.


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