Intercepted Message: Kybernaut Video Transmission to Intriguerre


Another one.

A setback to be sure. But I’m sure all of you did everything you could.


//////////… . … ./ / // ///////INTERCEPTED MESSAGE… . … ./ / // //

//////////… TRANSMISSION CAPTURE RUNTIME ERROR //////////… . … ./ / // ///

. . . . MESSAGE INTERCEPT CAPTURED AT 123.11.23 //////////… . … ./ / // ///

//////////… . … ./ / // /// VIDEO CODEC PLAYBACK AT 00:06:17:54 //////////INCOMPLETE///

///////… . … ./ / // ///

(Video footage shows Sahara Jackal, leader of Stribog Clade, speaking into a camera. She is wearing red bioadaptive kybernaut combat armor and appears to be seated at a station-based tactical console center.)

–inforcements of ground-based personnel. Stribog Clade has transported five hundred engineers and twelve hundred construction experts to Varyazi Clade for support operations.

The Sobornost Kybernauts remain the steadfast allies of the Collective. We walk the Path of Glorification in joy. The Flow of Vyraj cannot be stopped.

This message will repeat.

(The video cuts to black before refreshing, apparently at the beginning of the recorded message. Sahara Jackal looks up from a console display and into the camera; then she begins to speak.)

This is Sahara Jackal, Paramount Executive Kybernaut of Stribog Clade; message to Seriatim Foucault, Subcommander of the Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organization.

We heard your message delivered on the auspicious Day of Totality and heed your words. The corrupt and degenerate capsuleer servants of EDENCOM have been dealt a significant blow by our efforts.

Today, 23 November YC123, a coalition of kybernauts completed the destruction of the last capsuleer citadel belonging to EDENCOM-loyalist forces hostile to the Triglavian Collective. Sobornost Kybernauts of Stribog Clade, Pandemic Horde, Kybernauts Clade, Triglavian Outlaws And Sobornost Troika, and our allies crushed all resistance and eliminated this threat to Triglavian sovereignty. No quarter shall be given to the enemies of the Collective.

Stribog Clade declares with approval the arrival of increasing numbers of Sobornost Kybernauts to Pochven, including kybernauts from the ranks of capsuleer organizations in Pandemic Horde, Elysians- formerly NSH-, Volta, Initiative, Fraternity, Bastion, Red Alliance, DarkSide, and Purple Helmeted Warriors; as well as numerous kybernauts from Goonswarm Federation that Stribog Clade taught to walk the Path of Glorification.

These newly arrived Sobornost Kybernauts pursue hostile EDENCOM forces with unrelenting vigor and dedication. We engage in Proving with and against one another to further hone our proficiency in combat. Our dedication as Sobornost Kybernauts only grows stronger.

Stribog Clade continues support on Skark–

//////////… . … ./ / // /// VIDEO CODEC PLAYBACK CRITICAL ERROR ////////// FILE INCOMPLETE///

//////////… . … ./ / // /// VIDEO CODEC PLAYBACK CRITICAL ERROR ////////// DATA CORRUPTION///

//////////… . … ./ / // /// VIDEO CODEC PLAYBACK CRITICAL ERROR ////////// . . . TERMINATED///


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