Interceptor changes whinging

I want a real Amarr fleet interceptor - lasers! Not this Malediction rockets trash (since the Crusader can no longer laugh at warp bubbles, and is no longer worthy).

"All things were created by the Divine, and so the glory of our faith is inherent to us all;
When thine heart shines with the Light, thou shalt know no hardship;
When thine actions are in Light’s name, thou art immortal.’"
- The Scriptures, Book of Trials 2:1

See that people? Light! LASERS!!! It’s God’s will! The Malediction is an abomination in the eyes of God and Man! Give me my lasers, or face my divine wrath!

Just sayin’, :crazy_face:


Eh, the Scriptures never talked about big pew pew lasers in space. And technically, the Malediction like the Sacrilege is not an Amarr design, but a Khanid one.

Also, if you want to do damage in an Interceptor, you either take Crusader and try to outrun the bubble while avoiding enemy fire (not the fastest ships in the game for nothing) or you take a tackler role and stay with Malediction.

During fights, nullification is a gimmick, as you’ll either be disrupted/scrambled, or outside of range. So yeah, I only see this gimmick useful for travelceptor.

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Yea i don’t quite understand what the point of a ceptor without interdiction nullification is supposed to be… Assault frigs are awesome and t1 frigs super cheap - anyone have any idea why you would ever use one of those ceptors?

Is this just because people are too incompetent to fit a smartbomb? Or long range corms? Even Caracals? I really don’t understand…

Eh, the Scriptures never talked about big pew pew lasers in space. And technically, the Malediction like the Sacrilege is not an Amarr design, but a Khanid one…

Two thoughts:

  1. Your are clearly uneducated in the ways of scriptural interpretation, and will no doubt burn in whatever passes for Amarrian hell…
  2. If the Malediction is a Khanid design, they will burn with you…

Seriously, I still like the Crusader more than the Malediction - more accurately, I’ll mount a space lance on my ship before I use rockets.

Happy hunting, heretic! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I prefer good old loud bang! Pew Pew!



“Whinging” is an awesome word, used by awesome people.


I prefer “lifing” a life, for example.

3 mid slot laser intie. I’d buy that.

Without bubble immunity, you might as well nano up an AF. It will do proper damage, still have a better tank, and it’s not slow.
Basicly CCP ■■■■■■ up half the Intys :joy:
(Rather Amazing really, cause history shows that they were most likely to fuck up all Intys. So this was a massive improvement from the norm).

I seem to be one of the few people who like the change to combat interceptors.

The reasons why:

  • Bubblecamps are not that common since the introduction of the bubble-decay in 2017.

  • A ship that does decent dps, is immune to bubbles and alignes so fast that it is nearly impossible to catch with warp disruptors / scrams was just bad game design in my eyes. It also doesn’t produce content because the Inti-fleet will literally avoid every fight that is not in it’s absolut favor. Way to risk averse for a game like eve.

Also, combat interceptors are not in such a bad condition as the many tears over this change would suggest. They are still the ships with the fastest warp speed, subwarp speed, smallest sig radius and align time.

The best solution in my eyes would have been to make a module out of it for interceptors only. If activated, it gives you nullification and as drawback a certain penaltiy to align time. So you had to choose between bubble immunity or < 2s align time. Or better: could choose, because if you are in a fleet, it’s sometimes quite desirable to land in the bubbles to tackle some campers for the fleet following you.

I wouldn’t mind if they would get rid of any nullification on combat ships and restrict it to non-combat ships like shuttles only.

Once upon a time interceptors had no bubble immunity. And they were good already. So there’s no reason for combat interceptors to not still be good.

So, kids, it’s time to man up and stop being afraid of bubbles.

And if you wonder what the fastest ships in the game can do, it’s also time to learn how to play.

i tell you why (sorry for reviving this thread xD!)
i fit those interceptors purely for jump. fast align time that barely anything can catch ya.
i had with my raptor an align time of 1.82sec. which is damn fast and even a loki might has a hard time to catch that while it comes out of cloak.

assault frigs never had bouble immunity.
to kovacs can i only say, iunno i like the maledictions disign + solely for jumps from point A to point B really nice.
i mean an align time of 1.80secs (which i get out of it) and 12.17AU in warp speed is amazing. i need to look out now for those mean smartbombers which i didnt needed to do before with my raptor tho. i only died once to smartbombs and i survived 4 smartbomb hits before the 5th blew me up. so it would need atleast 5 ppls with my raptor fit to blow my raptor up. sad is now … no more raptor for flying from my home trough 0 to jita qwq

you should´ve seen my face (cause i didnt readed the patch logs) where i was sitting down into my raptor … thinking about nothing bad and then this happened xD

because noone frigging told me that half of the inteceptors lost their immunity to boubles xD

hahaha right on brother :ok_hand:

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