Interceptors in pve

Hello there!
I’m a new/returning player and I’m really into the idea of flying a high speed ship so I was thinking about skilling into interceptors.
However i am pretty much exclusively a pve player so i wonder if interceptors actually have any use in pve at all.

Second, can anyone enlighten me about the difference between fleet interceptors and combat interceptors?
I am aware of their stats, what i don’t know is when one is preferred over the other :thinking:


Somethings may require a small fast ship and PvE tends to include anything that’s not verse another player (PvP)

But tackling is pretty much exclusive to pvp isn’t it?

Combat interceptors:

  • higher DPS
  • better damage application

Fleet interceptors:

  • increased range of Warp Scramblers / Warp Disruptors (rare, key bonus in PvP)
  • can be nullified

Hope this helps.

Some NPCs in missions, events… can tackle

Homefront Operations - Raid requires you to tackle npc’s
Interceptors are commonly used for the Guristas and Angel epic arcs

Interceptors can do okayish in T0 and T1 Abyss, Crusader for example is a real runner in those low-tier electricals… however they are greatly outperformed by AssaultFrigs.

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