"Rogue"-like ship building possible?

Hey guys,
just an simple question.

Are there ship types that could be fitted to get a playstyle like a “typical roleplay rogue”?
Means… very quick, close combat, stealthy.

Thank you =)


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Recon Cruisers maybe?

Stealth Bombers?

What is it you actually want to do?

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Ships can be fitted in many ways, even against their normal “role”, what are you trying to do?

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Combat Recon ships might be great for this kinda role. since they do not appear on d-scan either.


+1 to the combat recon ship if you don’t want a ship that makes use of a cloak. Otherwise a fast moving assault ship or such should be more than enough.

Unless we’re looking at a role specific ship option.

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Hard to explain. That is why I said words like “rogue” to get a better few on it. :smiley:

I don’t really like very heavy and slow playstyles which is why I try to find a way to fit a ship more “assassin like”.

So it should have good stealth, fight in close combat and is very fast that it don’t get much hits. But I dont think that there is a mechanic that will be like “evasion” or something right?

I will take a look on your suggestions. =)

Thanks a lot.

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Tracking speed for turrets and the various velocities that exist in both turret tracking and missile/rocket damage calculations. So in theory there is, but I’ve been hardwired to always think and assume a Minmatar Rifter whenver I hear “speed” or “evasion”.

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Sounds like “I want a backstab option so I can one-hit gank targets from stealth and run away before anyone sees me”.

Exactly how do you propose to balance a ship that gets in close under stealth, then orbits the target fast enough to ‘not get hit much’ while doing enough damage to kill the target?

You do realize that “I want to be invisible until I strike, then I want to not take much damage while I kill the target” is saying “Just make me OP okay?”. Not seeing a lot of downsides or counters here.


Check out MWD equipped Arbitrator with Tracking Disruptors as a T1 option to play around with Id say.

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So you want to be a Space Ninja. Think you need to try out a few things with different ships and get to know how it all hangs together really.

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Hehe. Yes, that is close to that I was asking for.
But sure… it’s just “theoretical” because that it work exactly like this is really unrealistic. I know that. ^^

It should only come close in a “playstyle” way, not in reaching that high “effectiveness”.

T3C, they can cloak, move a a decent speed, tank well and deal significant DPS.


Well I don’t know if you are alpha/omega, how long you have been playing etc.

Just a suggestion … Set yourself an exercise, try operating in lowsec with nothing more than any of the T1 frigates and no cloaks. Fits can be cheap as you like. You’ll lose some but in doing this you’ll learn the important mechanics of staying under the radar and effective fitting.

After that try some PvP, put the 2 together and you’ll see how to maybe roleplay that style.


I think you missed the point of the OPs inquiry. I believe the OPer’s intention is to find a ship and fit, similar to a familiar play style (from another game), they are accustom to.

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You can try the Stealth Bomber or Recons, but there’s no real way to make a “rogue-like” play style work that frequently in EVE Online.

Stealth Bombers primarily use Torpedo launchers, which are only really effective against Battlecruisers and Battleships. And even then, it still takes a good while of shooting, giving your victims enough time to shoot back. Because Stealth Bombers are very squishy, you’ll likely die very quickly before you’re able to kill your target. (At least, on your own, your chance of success will increase with a group).

Recon ships are a bit better, but a lot more expensive, so for someone new, the cost may be prohibitive.

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My reply was more along the lines of “why would you expect something like this to exist?”, but yes I could have been more clear on that.

For “closest match to what you want”, I would have to agree with Daoden and suggest that something like a T3 Cruiser, maybe a HAM Loki, would be the closest fit.

I mained a WoW rogue many years ago and have a decent amount of tabletop rogue experience. What part of the playstyle are you interested in?

Short-range burst damage?

Sneak attacks?


I’d try to get into BLOPS fleets flying a stealth bomber or tackle Astero (the cheapest types of ship that can take a covert bridge).

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Sounds like you want a blaster cloaky proteus
Extremely short range, 1k dps, nullified and tanky enough to kill most PvE cruisers

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I suspect you would be super happy with Recons.

Half of them cloak, bring powerful ewar, and can light both covert and regular cynos, as well as take a blops bridge.

The other half also have powerful ewar, never show up on Dscan, and can lay the nastiest traps in sites and FW complexes.


This statment right here says you dont get it.

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