Intergalactic Democracy! RadStar Entertainment's newest CSM Election Game!

Some of you may be familiar with us! We are the greatest gaming company in this cluster! Our newest game will allow players all the fun and excitement of both running for CONCORD’s Council of Stellar Management as well as serving on the body should your election bid succeed! We’ve jam-packed this game with all of the capsuleers who’ve served on the first seventeen CSMs as well as the ability to make your own custom candidate so you can put yourself in there!

We’ve found that a vague law that means that anyone who has been living in Anoikis for a long enough period of time can legally be considered dead on a specific planet in our district of the Federation! So we’re using that loophole to promote the game with the image of current CSM, @Mark_Resurrectus regardless of whether he likes it or not! He legally can’t do anything about it!

As you read this, the first copies of the game have gone live for direct distribution over Galnet!

So please, enjoy our game!
As always, if it rocks near and far, it’s probably RadStar!

Meili Zhang
CEO RadStar Entertainment


I love democracy.

Mr., how can you run a company if your are legally dead? And can’t a corporation be sued down to last tea cup in a cupboard?

This particular case is rather necromancy :wink:


I object to this ranking. Until Jul 24 of this year, TURBOFEED OR GLORY, the alliance Mark runs, held sov in Wicked Creek. in addition, he’s a known associate of Brisc Rubal, and on good terms with a number of individuals in Goon leadership. I expect him to be on the Goon ballot this year. His nullsec and bloc rankings should be higher.

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While the characters do have base stats, that screenshot is from gameplay where the primary motivator of influence levels is how the person playing ran the campaign. As such, it may be different from how Mark would be seen in his real life in New Eden.

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This is a disgusting game, ma’am.

Democracy is an outdated and inefficient concept of choosing the management, which appeases interests of grey masses who have neither merit nor experiences nor proffesiences to make such decisions.

It balances on the edge of being amoral, since it’s for the sake of such degrading concept (Democracy) a whole organization in our cluster (named ‘Gallente Federation’) commits numerous aggressions and murders.

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