RadStar Entertainment is Proud to Announce Its New Holo-Game!

The Capsuleer fanclubs have spoken! People want a game that encapsulates the raw emotion felt during a heated debated on the Intergalactic Summit! Thanks to some extreme crunch-time by our many developers, we are proud to have met their demands before the Yoiul season!

We bring you our new fighting game, SUPER ■■■■POSTING SIBLINGS!

Now everyone can play as many of their favorite capsuleers from the IGS as they do heated battle over whatever the topic of the day is! Each character comes with a unique moveset and some quality voice acting (mostly by random people we pulled off of the streets of Caille).

The game had its beta period last week, and Galnet is already abuzz with people already making all sorts of tier lists and arguing on various forums, just like their capsuleer idols!

To the capsuleer community, we ask you to not only enjoy our game, but give us reason to add overpriced DLC! The more people posting on these boards, the more money we can make by cloning and slightly altering characters to sell back to our loyal fans! So get to posting!

Thank you for all that you do!

Meili Zhang
RadStar Entertainment


Well, that is one way to unite the legal teams of New Eden behind a single glorious cause.


I’m considering it a badge of honour to have not been included.


With 25 “fighters” in that image, and 4 major powers, one would expect about 6 from each power bloc - Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar. And a roughly equal male/female ratio.

There are about 6 from Minmatar, but a lot more than that from Amarr. There are 6 ethnically True Amarr women alone.

I question the ethnic and gender balance of the character selection for this “game”.

Also, I object to the characterisation of myself in this game. I am most certainly not a XXXXposter. My posts are finely-crafted unique masterpieces of literary expression.

Also, you missed out Arrendis. A glaring oversight.


Nothing that can’t be fixed with a little bit of DLC, my friend! We can’t control the races or genders of people who ■■■■post! But we can add more ■■■■posters!

Arrendis is in the first slot of the middle row.

You’ll also be happy to know that the first DLC includes no True Amarr!
I am happy to announce the first DLC! The Sweet & Sour community pack!

We’ve heard your cries!


We can definitely look into getting you added!


I would love to see a match between our loving space queen of hell, @Sahara_Jackal and @Remilia_Malitia.

But if I were to choose a fighter to Main, it would be Remilia Malitia, having been on the receiving end of her wrath personally.


I thought that was Anabella Rella ? Must be an old portrait of Arrendis then.

This is brilliant. I mean, ya’ll gonna get sued to oblivion by armies of vat-grown lawyers but… it’ll be fun while it lasts


Send me a list of the voice-lines used. If they’re trashy and cheesy enough, I’ll record them myself. If they’re not trashy and cheesy enough, power-armored lawyers will be deployed via 3200mm barrels from orbit.

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Though the concept behind this game is in many ways ludicrous, and makes a mockery of what are ultimately very important affairs, I did spend some time reading up on GalNet’s reception to it in order to get a better understanding of how current capsuleer affairs are viewed.

Whilst doing so, I’ve read some rather concerning feedback regarding the character balancing in this game. Specifically, my character appears to be ‘definitively bottom tier’ with ‘particularly bad matchups against Elkin, Jackal, and Culome.’

By contrast, I am reading in multiple places that ‘Flavours is OP as heck! Definitely S+ tier.’

Will the development team be addressing these issues with a balance patch at any point?


What the…?

Well, fortunately this being isn’t there.

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What a wonderful and novel way of implementing Discourse analysis!

Sometimes the IGS gets too heated up and toxic, i find it a welcome addition to relive some of the tensions, congratulations and keep up the good work. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Mmmhmm. I’ve been playing this game non-stop since release and confirm, with Flavours I win every single time.

Also rumors abound about a future 2v2 co-op mode in an upcoming DLC? Now who doesn’t want to see Seb Sisters vs Newelles? Or even better: TRIAL vs. NADSC? (Oooh I want a Jackal/CrimClem versus Mantel/ClassicClem so badly. . . .)


Team Battles are indeed coming as a DLC and will be available before the new year.

That being can certainly be added with DLC! Don’t that being worry that being’s pretty little head off! We need more Gallente men anyway, or so I hear.

Yes, there will be balance patches regularly. The character of Amicia Cora is being looked at and will likely receive adjustments in the first major patch.

Never fear! Trashy and cheesy is what we do best!


Definitely not the worst piece of software I’ve interacted with. I found it quite amusing, and will probably take a look at it again sometime in the future.



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@Meili_Zhang Congratulations on a successful release! :heart:

Myself and my fan club team have been playing the beta all week and have loved every second! Of course there is always a tussle to who is allowed to play as me, but the other “fighters” are alright. I naturally have the best and most balanced move sets and finishers.1. 2.

I have already put my pre-order in for this! I can’t wait to smudge that tache off with a one-two DK Calmil combo!

I see people have good taste!

Now this I would like to see! Even better, why not invite the capsuleers to play as themselves for extra spiciness?!
1. I might be biased!
2. I 'm totally biased!


I would like to announce that I will be hosting an Tournament to commemorate the release of Super ■■■■posting Siblings!

All attending with receive a free mug signed by me and metal pin with my face on it. I am still working out a time and a places. Looking at a neutral place that everyone can come, so no fighting! Keep that energy for the game!

I have prizes to hand out and anyone who wins using me as their fighter will receive a JFT to immortalise their victory! Here is an example token.

@Meili_Zhang if you would honour us with the first fight this weekend that would be the cherry to this cake!

As natural as they come,

Julian ‘■■■■poster legend’ Flavours
CEO and creator of JFT and Eau de Parfum Flavours
S+ tier fighter of Super ■■■■posting Siblings!


Oh no…

You should however remember that things like “Right to privacy” exist.

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We are proud to release the FIRST PATCH NOTES! Every character is getting either some minor tweaks or bugfixes! Here is the initial list to be in the first patch!


  • Fixed a bug on the Colelie Memorial stage where Naglfars would appear out the station window in the background.

  • Fixed a bug where there was a 15 minute period in which the game would not run each day.

Aldrith Newelle

  • Fixed a bug where the character would spontaneously catch fire during a fight.

Alex Hinkelmann

  • Increased visibility of the character so that he doesn’t blend into the background so often.

Amicia Cora

  • Due to protests about the character’s viability in competitive play, we have changed the levels of contrast on each of her costumes so that players could tell her apart from Lunarisse Daphiti.

Aria Jenneth

  • Decreased the character’s hitbox size to better align with small stature.


  • Fixed a bug where the character was wearing pants.

Arsia Elkin

  • Fixed a bug where the character could be played on stages in Amarr and Triglavian space.

Axiss Herzlos

  • Fixed a bug where her name would display as ‘Ganker Unjob.’

Diana Kim

  • Fixed a bug where she would lose all of her health if a Gallente character touched her.

Edward ‘Mantel’ Adams

  • Fixed a bug where all of his moves were entirely ineffective against female characters.

Elsebeth Rhiannon

  • Fixed a bug where the character would appear transparent as if she were technically a ghost.


  • Fixed a bug where the character was referred to as “Gah’Amarr.”

Gaven Lok’ri

  • Increased the startup time on several of their attacks to make them safer on block.

Julian Flavours

  • Despite some respected sources claiming the character is imbalanced, we are going to hold off on substantial nerfs to the character until there’s been a bit more time for the meta to shake up. The only change in this patch is some in-game description changes so that nobody accidentally thinks that the JFTs his attacks generate have any value.


  • Fixed a bug where the only line of dialogue anyone would say after a fight with her was “God damnit, Kala!”

Karmilla Kor-Anashtih

  • Fixed a bug where allies would sometimes treat her as an enemy.


  • Increased startup time of the character’s running heavy attack to 10 frames.

Lunarisse Daphiti

  • Increased the amount of damage she does to male characters if she hits her ultimate move “marriage” on them. It should now properly be fatal.

Mikal Vektor

  • Fixed a bug where the character’s description page under the ‘extras’ section would just display the pilot’s killboard.

Mitara Newelle

  • Fixed a bug where the character was polite to Minmatar characters.

Mizhara Del’Thul

  • Increased the level of trashiness and cheesiness of her dialogue.

Morgana Tsukiyo

  • Added special dialogue lines for when the character is fighting Aria Jenneth.


  • Increased the cooldown time on the character’s ‘anchor evil structure’ attack to 5s.

Pol Macsliebh

  • Added a special victory cutscene where the character would get a drink after a victory in the Dal bar.

Sahara Jackal

  • Added a crown to the character’s head when fighting on stages located in Pochven.

Saronu Yassavi

  • Slightly slowed super meter gain on attacks.

Remilia Malitia

  • Fixed a bug where some characters would treat her as if she wasn’t a Caldari loyalist.

Valerie Valate

  • Nerfed the character heavily due to the pilot criticizing the game.

Not in the part of the Federation our company is legally based in!


Winds blow me, that is NOT A BUG. Do the devs even know about the lore of their own game?

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