RadStar Entertainment's New Game: Duty Calls: Shadow War


Never to miss an opportunity to exploit international tensions for a hit new piece of entertainment, our fair company, the minds behind the hit games, Super ■■■■posting Siblings, and Amid Us, has overcome enough legal proceedings that we can take the time to release our newest hologame, Duty Calls: Shadow War.

In this game’s main story, you play as EDENCOM officer, Chad McBeardly, as he infiltrates all four empires in order to uncover plans to ignite all-out war. As you progress though the storyline, you will go undercover in each empire, trying to avoid being detected. Once you are inevitably detected, there will of course be gratuitous violence for little-to-no reason, as is tradition in this genre!

For example, you might be sneaking around New Caldari Prime and suddenly be accused of being an enemy of the State by a deranged militia officer! Or you might be detected on Matar for not understanding the traditions of the clan that owns a particular 5 square meter plot of land! Nearly anything is possible in this dynamic, exciting game!

The game is set to come out next month in the Federation and everywhere else that’ll allow it the following month. Exact details of where it can and cannot be sold are as with all our games, kinda sketchy. With the magic of modern fluid router technology, however, capsuleers can obviously buy it directly from us anywhere! We’re probably already being sued anyway!

Please use this thread for all inquiries into our soon-to-br-hit new game!




Interesting. Who should I contact to set up a bulk order? I’ll take … umm … 25,000 copies. That should be enough.

  • Shasta

Have your people call my people. We can do big pre-orders no problem!

With that being said, we’d like to release some images from some of the game’s storyline cutscenes! There’s countless different paths the story can take depending on your actions! We’re proud of the dynamic, branching storyline the game’s singleplayer mode has!

As you can see, there’s plenty of situations you can find yourself in over the course of the game! There will be near infinite replayability.



This all look terribly cliche.

Other than gratuitous violence, what else in the game is gratuitous ?

In the single player campaign, you play as Chad, but have some light customization options as well as talents, yes. There are in fact romance options and you can seduce half of the game’s potential major characters if you so choose.

In multilayer modes, you play as fully customizable characters.

Things become cliche for a reason.

There’s many gratuitous things. Gratuitous violence, gratuitous romance, gratuitous respect paying. We go hard.

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Only half?

We needed to save some for potential downloadable content later on.

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Is that simultaneously, or will it require multiple playthroughs?

With all the possibilities, you will almost certainly want multiple playthroughs if you want to see everything the game’s single player campaign has to offer!

Also, with any luck, maybe EDENCOM or empire officers will post classified information on our galnet portal because something in the game isn’t 1:1 with the situation in the actual cluster. Crazier things have happened!


Thanks for giving every diplomat in the cluster nightmares.

You’re welcome.

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