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Firstly I wish good health and peace for all.
“Paid Jumps” or the idea of this topic is to lower the travel time when travelling to far solar systems. A few minutes ago I have spent two hours for travelling 30+ jumps with autopilot; it has an aim but I cannot say that it was funny and enjoyable.
The idea is to shorten the travel time via paid stargates; for example I can pay 250.000 ISK for 10 jumps via this jump method or more.
There could be restrictions for example alpha clone may jump 2 or 4 times daily, omega clones limitless or it might depend to the size of ship; corvettes might or might not take this jump or cargo carriers may only be permitted.
Hope to make a sound.

It is a bad idea to travel using autopilot 99.9% of the time due both it being way slower than jumping manually and being a liability for getting ganked by players (including suicide ganking in HS) and sometimes certain rats. You can cut your travel time by more than half by jumping manually instead of using autopilot. Furthermore, cynos and player-owned stargates can be used in LS/NS to jump considerable distances that might otherwise require jumping several gates.

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Paid magic travel.


Why don’t you pay someone to light a cyno for you instead of trying to introduce a new mechanic so that you can continue to be lazy?


Why so damn cheap?

That’s the point. The AP is what you can use when you can’t fly the ship actively.
It’s meant to be slow, because otherwise it would be broken as ■■■■.

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