Interplay Alliance Recruiting High-sec Industry/Mining Corps


(CampoV) #1

Based in Sinq Laison, Interplay represents a group of Industry/Mining Corps that share a passion for these activities.

The Alliance opens most of its mining fleets to all members, which usually means several high-sec ore and ice fleets per day mostly in the Sinq Laison/Everyshore area.

We also share intel and are willing to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever possible, including a large variety of free BPCs.

One of our members is specifically designed to assist those new to mining and industry and serves as a feeder corp for members of the Alliance.

All member corps are and must remain “Not War Eligible.”

For more information, contact me in-game or drop by our public chat channel: INTERPLAY Pub.

(CampoV) #2

Let’s build a solid High-sec mining/industry community.

(CampoV) #3

Alliance ore and ice fleets daily.

Casual and helpful community.

(CampoV) #4

High-sec multi-boxing miners are welcome.

(CampoV) #5

A home for high-sec ore and ice miners.

(Lord Seb Tivianne) #6

I am interested but I cannot leave my current corp. I just want to tag along and pay a fee for the fleet… if you are offering buy back i am into it as well…

(CampoV) #7

We are looking for corps to join our Alliance and fleets, but individual pilots are always welcome to a fleet for boosts.

Message me in-game.


(CampoV) #8

High-sec miners, create your own corp, remain “Not War Eligible,” join our Alliance, and benefit from ore and ice mining fleets and a casual place to communicate with like-minded players.

(CampoV) #9

It’s a new age for high-sec miners. High-sec mining/industry corps unite.

(CampoV) #10

Access to a variety of high-sec mining fleets and a large BPC library.

(CampoV) #11

In high-sec, you never know for certain who your adversaries are. Interplay will help you identify your friends.

(CampoV) #12

Looking forward to meeting you.

(CampoV) #13

If you mine or do industry with more than one character in high-sec, incorporate and join us.

If you are a single-character player, contact us about joining one of our member corps.

New players always welcomed.

(Ocelot Lothardt) #14

This alliance has been very helpful! I would recommend this alliance to anyone!

(CampoV) #15

It’s a new high-sec for industrialists and miners.