Interstellar Enterprise Inc. a C4 WH PVP corp is looking for more people to have fun with

Welcome to the post that will change your eve career/ life.
First get over here

Who are we?
A returning bunch of friends who want to reshape and remodel the eveverse.
Looking to make bigger footprints on the moon and further beyond.
We have all kind of people u can get to know
Uk Chaps, Murican duders, Austrian guy (atleast we think he is, could be swiss), a Belgian nitwit, a Finnish misfit and many many more hell think we even have a girl girl.

What do we have to offer?
alot of PVP fun with a pinch of PVE on the side.
A superb FC who likes to kill things.
Alot of braindead F1 monkey eeeum alot of people eager to shoot things.
a C4 with a C3 and C5 static to go scanning/hunting.
A you keep what u kill reward system outside of corp/alliance fleets.
A discord server that will blow and melt your brian
And mumble… (i know mumble… ye… but its fun when u know how to work it).
And last but not least: banther like lots and lots of banther the more the better

What do we expect?
For our members to have fun
To be a place of trust and comfort
To make people want to play eve and keep em logging in for the fun content we try and generate.
we like miners ( i mean some of em) but minors arnt prefered as we just ran out of stock of pacifiers.
WH experience is a plus but not needed as we have people ready and eager to show you the ways of the hole. ='D
You can join the ingame channel COOT pub or join our discord

What have we achieved?
Back before we quitted we had some fun content and looking to have some more of that.
links are below. we also helped kicking PIRAT’s as euhm spaceships.

sure the links are old as we took a break but why not join as so we can make some new ones?

still looking to bolster our EU and US Duders
added discord credentials aswell
come and have a chat :wink:

Still looking to bolster our member count

still looking for more ppl to come and join the fun

Still looking for more ppl come and say hi

Come join and create some content with us

Still looking for some more content creators


Joined the discord looking to talk to someone. Unable to do anything or type. Maybe the public channel isn’t set up right?

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