Interstellar PreSale Store

  1. Presale store like Hypernet design…
  2. Display PreSale offers from Manufacturs
  3. Buy presale. get Discount/Rabatt
  4. the Manufactur can exactly produce and all are happy.

PreSale is the Future XD

Didn’t history teach us that preordering goods is a bad idea?

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then it has been wrongly approached

The provider/manufacter can request a security that is held in an escrow account. The amount will be paid out upon delivery. The delivery is also controlled by an escrow; one delivers to the escrow company. Everything is automated.

And how is that different from normal market/industry? You still need value in items/isk to use feature so it makes no difference from what we have now.

the differnece is clearly bro:

  1. Save ISK
  2. no excess goods
  3. A new way to make Deals and they can be Taxed^^

GAMING TIME ) good for CCP

dont forget it must be the same layout like the Hypernet Window with all search options : for presale offers.

the normal market way is not the fastest and its not interesting if you have 1000 systems Regions…

You can already make “pre-orders” with manufacturers and resource harvesters by talking with them and using private contracts. So, such a system is not only redundant, but adds in a real money tax.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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you dont understand it dude, its faster if you have a Window with manufacter and there planing.

Pre sales tasks

What does a presales consultant do?
he takes over the initial consultation,
presents the product,
creates offers.
and addresses the individual needs and requirements of the respective customer,
to ultimately convince him to buy.

hmm will not get rid of the feeling that here only coder answer and support each other, it could be work ^^


you can close the thema. thanks in advance

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