WTS Horizon Fort Hypernet Nodes

Be in with the chance of winning this limited edition, never to be re-released and rare item. :slight_smile:

Paste the following to in game notepad:

<url=hyperNet:a1a73d2a-8513-4b07-9556-40aa5d695422">HyperNet offer: ‘Horizon’ Fortizar

  Good Luck!

You’re valuing it at 85b? That’s double the price it just sold for here. Quite Greedy :confused: I would play at a pricing of 50b, much more reasonable

One sold on the hypernet for 85B in the past, and as more die they increase in value so I dont think im too far off the mark.

There is literally one being sold now for a 50b buyout

Well he must be desperate for some isk then lol

Nah just sanity is a thing too. Desperate is pricing it that high someone needs to manage the isk better…

The situation will resolve itself when the hypernet either fills its orders or expires. That will show whether it is overpriced or not.

Hmm, only somewhat true. The winning move is to salvage the hypernet deposit by buying off the remaining tickets as the expiration time approaches. The fact that this is the winning move masks the true market demand for a horizon fortizar at that price.

Buying tickets for your own hyper has been a well-established practice for some time. If the cost of buying tickets gives a good enough chance to win the item and make money over the deposit, then the issuer will do so. It is straightforward.

Yeah I’m agreeing that buying your own tickets is a well-established and smart practice. What I’m saying is that you can’t say that the market price for a horizon fortizar will be established based on whether the hypernet fills or not. This is precisely because people buy their own tickets. If I were to make a post on the forum selling 1 Trit for 100billion and then I were to buy my own trit for the price i set it would not make the market price for trit 100b. Buying your own hypernet tickets is the equivalent to that which is why I say it masks the signal of the real market price.

No one would sell and buy their own trit for 100B on hypernet, that’s the point. The market and pricing is different on hyper compared to standard markets. If you post this fort for 80B, sell enough tickets, buy some yourself, and on average come out isk positive, then it is a fair price on the hypernet market. If you think you can define the price without understanding how the market works, I can’t help you.

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