[Into the Abyss] Entropic Disintegrators and Filaments - Naming, Visual, and Descriptive Suggestions

Made a large update to the OP after finally being able to work with the Abyss today, adding an entire section about Filaments and containing each part into its own section - check out the new things and let me know what you think, especially the massive descriptive brainstorming for the Filaments~


If I could like the OP twice I would.


the shapes of the charges make them pretty easy to distinguish but of everything listed this is the only change i would agree with

the names are fine particularly for the charges they don’t need a change same with the filaments.

It’s also a Marks and Spencer women’s clothing line. =/

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Y’know, at this point after playing with the stuff for a while, most of the original things for the Abyssal stuff has grown on me - at this point I’d narrow my suggestion down to the ammo colors, filament naming/descriptions, and maybe changing small/medium/large entropic disintegrator to light/medium/heavy~


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Well that’s simply top class ! Well done OP.

Really well thought through and +1 from me too.

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hire uriel as a consultant plz

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