[Invasion Chapter III] Salvation


Through the mist, I saw a figure emerge.
And with it, a darkness advanced, devouring and reshaping.
And as the sun cast its final everlasting shadow,
I felt a chill rise from the abyss,
And eclipse the world.

Ancient evil rises from hellish depths,
Metastasizing a vile realm into our own.
Through the unity and power Valkanir wrought,
The light of Amarr everlasting would vanquish and expel this darkness.
But this was not to be.

The Empyreans, in their false apotheosis,
Turned against the very worlds that birthed them.
If not for them, we would have won the day,
But for all our struggle, the darkness prevailed.
And our system was taken.

Behind the first, I watched as others followed.
Masked faces and twisted automata gliding toward the gates,
Silent and unflinching as we raised our weapons.
Captain Loarz ordered the invaders to still their pace, but they marched onward,
And we opened fire.

Righteous defenders raged against silent demons,
We valiantly struck true in the face of the ceaseless assault,
Even as our brothers fell alongside us.
But then, the holder proclaimed an opportunity for eternal salvation,
And called for all to take up arms to defend his worlds.

They poured from the tunnels to defend the rock in which they would find redemption,
As they entered the fray and were blessed with the means to fight alongside us.
We needed to maintain our unity if we were to persevere.
One turned a weapon on his Amarr ally in the midst of the field,
And was rewarded in equal measure.

The first figure halted her stride.
The others followed suit, and ceased the assault.
Invaders carried countless fallen back into the fog, many yet alive and struggling,
Toward the baleful crimson glow of the cradles of their landed craft,
As silence fell.

The other worlds all reported the same,
But there was naught to achieve during this peace.
Invaders overflew as we watched solemnly, knowing our struggle would end here.
As the holder and our loved ones had escaped in the past days, before the sun darkened,
And we who were left remained to defend his claim.

The hour passed.
The deafening silence was at long last broken with a cry.
I turned as the demon emerged once more,
But halted my breath as I saw those who joined at her side,
Advancing through the mist.

One among them loosed a battlecry as he raised his weapon.
I understood little of their tongue, but I knew the word for freedom,
And those standing with me froze as it fell upon their ears.
In the next moment, a roar of rebellion filled the air,
As all was lost.

The cold earth embraces me as I await my end.
My family survives me, my duty to Amarr is fulfilled.
I look to the sky as I take my final breaths, and I see a light,
A golden fleet rains purifying tachyon beams on the spaceport,
And I fade into salvation.


Spent the last couple of hours or so throwing this together - inspired by the opening narration of the Eclipse trailer, the events in Raravoss, and the mysterious differences between what’s happened there and what’s happened in Final Liminality systems of all other factions~


… I keep trying to like this harder but it only lets me click the once.

This may be the post-workout euphoria colouring things, but the opening setting of the scene and the freedom part gave me actual chills. Lovely choice of point of view and narration.

Thank you for sharing this. Magnificent.


Very nice!



I got real goosebumps right here!


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