Invasion of the galaxy

hello there,
im recently picking up eve again
and its going well,

i have a idea for the future of eve that i would like to discuss here with you all

ill get straight to the point

we need another galaxy
futhermore we need more teamwork and action ingame
my idea to make this happen is to have another galaxy connected to the eve galaxy through a big wormhole somewhere in the galaxy
a artificial intelligence controls the other galaxy
and is at war with us
the AI will send ships through the wormhole to make it difficult for us here in eve to survive
it requires teamwork and commitment and plenty of ammo to subdue the AI
the AI only attacks in the weekend
and vulnerability of stations that the AI can attack will only be vulnerable in the weekend
during the week we prepare for the comming onslaught
the AI will create a beachhead near the wormhole
and we capsuleers need to combat it
colonisation of both galaxies by both the AI and the capsuleers is possible but risky of course
the AI can learn from its mistakes during battles
the AI has some lag in decisionmaking and is able to read text that AI`s will send to each other to plan attacks and economy strategies
because humans need to read and understand orders before they will follow them
so the AI needs some seconds of lag before they can make a decision

the teamwork that is required for this new upcoming threat to the galaxy is huge
we will need a strong economy

new players can join the big battles in destroyers in order to kill the frigates that the AI will send through the wormhole
then other bigger ships will be more safe

it requires tweaking of the AI so that it is difficult but not impossible to win the battles
but the AI is learining mind you, so it might become more and more difficult as time progresses

we need new places to explore and new ships to combat the alien race in the other galaxy
it requires about 2 years of hard work for the EVE development team to make this happen that is my prediction

then you will have a big update expansion that is free of charge but you can make new commercial adds on the internet and other media to promote EVE and the upcoming invasion that needs to be countered
and the fight brought to the enemy AI

i hope i have explained myself well
and i welcome input from other players and the development team for this idea

this idea should it be implemented by the EVE development team is free of charge
i need no reward for this
if this is implemented and we can fight together against a common threat that is enough reward for me

thank you in advance
see you in space
yours sinserely,

Joris Diepstraten

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  • First of all, Eve’s population is too small to support more space. It will allow players to spread out too much, which will reduce the need and the chances for cooperation and competition.
  • Now, I’m sure many people would appreciate another live event similar to invasions. So, that part is fine. It did encourage cooperation and competition, and many players had fun. But no new space. We can’t support it.
  • Also, you should be aware that not everyone can play during the weekend, and that you’d exclude people based upon when they play. Thus, if you want to have periods of preparation and conflict (which is a good idea because it provides variability) you should set the timing in such a way that everyone can participate, regardless of when they play.
  • Trying to allow for new players to participate is good. Thumbs up to that.
  • Okay, making an A.I. that “learns” is possible (perhaps “improve” is a more appropriate word). I heard about a racing game where the A.I. learned from players, and I’ve seen videos about simulating evolution A.I., so that they will gradually get better over millions of attempts. However, this might be one of those things that is easier said than done. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to see stuff like that; I’m just saying that it’s probably a wee bit harder than your proposal would seem to suggest.
  • Two year dev time? I don’t know if you actually have any experience, or pulled that number out your ass. But I’d imagine that they’d either have to reign in the scope, or make it permanent (i.e. incursions) in order to get their money’s worth out of it.

Unlike you, I do charge for my feedback. Please send 250 million isk to this character in game. This is your first and final notice. Failure to pay will result in you being turned over to a collections agency.

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Thanks for brining it up, I like the idea in spirit. EVE seems to often feels cramped, a bit dirty, and corrupt to me; like I imagine living in Chicago would feel – though my only experience with Chicago was its downtown Greyhound bus station in the early 70s while traveling on leave. Perhaps I just caught it on a bad day, and I do understand that bus stations are rarely the showcase tourist attractions anyway.

It was Wired magazines 2014 article of the battle in B-R5RB ( Inside the Epic Online Space Battle That Cost Gamers $300,000 | WIRED ) that pulled me in like a giant magnet. I read about EVE, the player-driven economy, the exploration, the teamwork, unlike peoples pulling together to meet common goals and threats, the ‘sandbox experience’, etc. Even then with bad eyes and hands that shake too much to reliably run a mouse I subbed in. Expectations.

The reality isn’t the romance. There is a lot of romance in your idea and that does attract me, after all like many (but not all) I have a real life, and in my off-time I’d like a real fantasy; a concrete one with structure, possibility of growth, and most importantly a future that doesn’t go away or fade so as to always have a point to shoot for, while simultaneously an immutable foundation supporting it all.

The player-driven economy turned out to be as artificial and manipulated as the mechanics of the foundations and so certainly all the rest which must stand upon them. As for the ‘sandbox’, well if so, then it is the most rigidly-controlled sandbox ever (sometimes with too much water rather than just the right amount). …Leaving one in a strange kind of limbo, with the result that the only thing left to build is one’s isk-account and peer-status. And that is way too subjective for me.

But the friends are real, and that is worth a lot. To be frank it is the friends and oddly unlooked for, the quick and fair responses from the GMs – I only have experience in maybe half a dozen online games, but if those are looked at as a satisfactory representation, then EVEs GMs tower over the others.

What you suggest could offer real (game) exploration, rather than the deeply worn paths to the same old sites – different locations but with no landmarks, who can tell? What we have now is not exploration, it’s just another chore. I want some real exploration with new PVE, which would obviously offer new PVP content as well as more PVE’rs would be fitting for situations as far as one can get from a specific (and really well-known) threat at a definite level.

I enjoyed the sleeper incursions and miss them. I understand they are still going on, but do not recall the last time any came to a place this toon or my alts hang out. Likewise, my interest in the Jove Observatories and the Unidentified WHs was initially strong, but they not only generated little solo content, they didn’t really go anywhere; just a manifold in space really. For a time I used them to move loaded Industrials but that was when they had only 20-22 outlets. For whatever rationale (I always assumed somebody felt it was an unfair game mechanic to evade the ‘Pipe’, but honestly do not know) the manifold count was upped to around 60 outlets. Anybody in their right minds would have considered that nobody painfully scans down a dozen outlets in an unbuffed industrial and crawls uncloaked to each of those outlets (can only warp to around 100km from the outlets) in order to only poke their heads in the face of 2-3 drifter BS just to see if it leads near an intended destination, is doing it for any other reason than the novel game-play. Regardless, those spaces were another waste, as was even the ‘gleaned information’ gathered by Entosis Links from the Jove Observatories. The illusion of content.

When you describe your vision, I picture an area at least the size of EVE now (accessible by more than one camped gate, btw), with [mostly] inimical races of aliens, increasing in threat the further you venture in. There would be incursions from that space, and reprisals to it. New tech, new opportunities to act very colonially and take over systems and instill new physical territory…

I wouldn’t mind seeing CCP jump in with both feet and eyes-closed.

thank you for your reply it really is the teamwork for the whole community that increases in need the more enemy AI fleets are in EVE space,
first there is the wormhole EVE players must locate it somewhere in the galaxy
once located we can estimate the numbers there because the AI will want to build a beachhead
so he will send in fleets and once the numbers are high enough some of those fleets will start invading other solarsystems nearby
this can take weeks so there is plenty of time for the community to intervene in this process

it should be the task of the AI to explore and counter threats
and the AI should see mankind in EVE space as a threat to its own space (territory)

mankind can overcome the invasion
the best way for that is to counter the beachhead and make one of our own
maybe with alot of stationary defense stations that we will build so that capsuleers do not need to stand guard for 24/7
capsuleers then only need to invade secure the area and then place the stationary defenses so that we will have a buffer against the AI in their own territory

the first few months we will still have the old ships
we must learn from the enemy before we can create ships that are suited best to counter the threat
slowly the ships best suited will trickle into the economy
we will need a reasonable price for the new kind of ships
those ships are designed and fitted to best counter the weaponry of the alien threat

if they are human or alien (non human) i do not care
the lore behind the invasion must be carefully explained because the need for common and cooperation defense should be encouraged by it

i heard the notion on one reply that we cannot support more space in EVE
i do not think that is the case
at least not immediatly
because all the space that is added in EVE then (the entire other galaxy) is in hands of the AI and the forces of the AI and they are hostile
so it requires teamwork and stability in the front should we explore and colonize those parts of space
it will require years of effort before we are able to succesfully and safely colonize those parts
that is if everything works out and the AI is subdued and i do not think that will be easy
the AI has countless of bases and a big economy just like ours
so even if there is theoretically much more space then before to explore and venture and exploit we will not travel to those places
those places are reserved for the AI that will counter any threat that hold incursions into its own space
if we do not travel to those places in ease we might as well say that EVE space isnt bigger for capsuleers and even if so it is with hard work from capsuleers that we will conquer new space in the new galaxy

sorry jones, i do not have 250m isk for you
im a poor capsuleer

but i welcome your input
thank you for that

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i think there is also the need for a intelligence gathering system
and processing the intelligence from a centralized ingame source

that we can investigate the threat and try to combat it through intelligence gathering and exploitation

the intelligence once gathered can stay realtime if we install probes in the solarsystem

solarsystem intelligence gathering can inform the capsuleers in a centralized location about ship numbers and other insights

this needs to be done in order for capsuleers to team up or go solo against the threat
that they can estimate the numbers needed to counter the threat
and maybe join a team so they can gang up together to counter enemy AI fleets

maybe once joined they can get a jump to the solarsystem where the group is located to join them in one jump

this can make joining a group easy and encourages teamwork by making it accesible without the need to make long journeys

we can make build a jumpgate that is fluid that can connect to solarsystems that are used to group players so they can counter the AI threat from the other galaxy

then every solarsystem that has a jumpgate build by the community has easy acces to a solarsystem near the wormhole

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