So on the invasion something kinda popped in my head

Maybe a good idea, maybe a bad Idea; probably bad lol. What if they kept building this invasion thing up, harder and tougher. to the extent that the invasion is meant to wipe eve and start eve over. I’m sure newer players would love that not knowing how much some of us have to lose. but let me finish. the veterans that have played for ever have invested a lot of time and effort so i dont mean any disrespect i my self have played off and on since the game came out, so what if They made this a set up for a huge battle and give the veterans of the game a chance to stop it. they would have to work together with their mortal enemies to defeat the trigs. A battle to stop the destruction of eve. if they lose everything resets. if they win eve goes on till the invasion returns again one day in the long distant future, and also if they win maybe some new tech is added to the game that only veteran players can make. I could only imagine Alliances being destroyed, and new alliances emerging and heros born from battle and battle debree to be mined from a new region. and something to really truly fight for. you could have all those old veterans with stories of being in the great battle of eves survival. I dont know probably stupid idea, but would really like to hear what others think even if you disagree please comment something productive and not some ignorant response. its not like CCP listens to us in here anyway lol.

Your general idea has been mooted before. And I like it. It also potentially applies to all chaos mechanics and potentially to most pre-existing NPC excursions too.

What if there is a FOB in a system and nobody ever takes it out? Let it become, 2, 3 bases. And, with subsequent pirate consolidation should come consequences. Such as rats will now reinforce structures. In HS.

Same mechanic could apply to any incursion that is not dealt with in “timely” manner. Which is same as your idea for invasions. If these systems are not re-taken, they should become lost. Or otherwise much harder to travel through or work in. In terms of lore, why would a faction invade, scout or otherwise deploy materiel in a system if it was not going to follow-up - for example, by putting scram capable ships on entry gates?

Final thought would be to (first) deploy any one of those ideas in LS first. The likelihood of one being allowed to expand there is that much greater, based on lack of population/ lack of large alliance interest. But it could disrupt HS to nul pipes sufficiently to make life “interesting” for everyone.

With a game that has been around this long I’m not surprised. it seems like they have talked about anything and everything before. When I played years ago people said game was dying. and I still see post about Eve dying. Yet it just keeps going.

There is something exciting about having that risk of losing every thing. taking a huge risk to make a bunch of ISK that is so tempting you end up losing so much you are ruined lol I’ve been there done that. I love this game I always come back. There is a rush in this game that I get unlike any game I’ve played.

I feel the same way whats the point of having them at the gate if they where not going to follow up.

There are other things to worry about to like what would it do to the in game market which eve has the best market in any game I’ve seen. Its also their pride and joy. The market is a huge part of the game. So I dont know if that would be a good thing or bad thing depending on what happened after.

Personally, I would not be interested. I started playing EVE because, from what I knew of the game at the time, I would be pitting my wits against other human players and not npcs (actually, I had no idea npcs even existed as such when I made the decision to play.)

Yes, I do fight npcs, to earn isk to replace ships, at times. Yes, I have run missions to earn locator agents.

But, no I’ve never missioned to mission, I’ve never done incursions/invasions, abyssals, etc. I simply have no interest whatsoever in opposing npcs.

From my perspective, EVE has two attractive features: 1. it’s visuals, and 2. that I can (in game) oppose/face opposition from another human.

NPC’s, for me, are at best an inconvenience, and at worst an annoyance interrupting my gameplay.

Your suggestion would ruin EVE for me; however, I do understand I may be holding a minority opinion.

But, I do feel I am not alone in finding this aspect (human wits vs human wits) of the game attractive, so I am responding to your thread. For players such as myself, npcs are just “background”, and personally I can only hope CCP doesn’t further “impose” them on “my EVE”.

So, respectfully, I disagree with your proposal for the reason I’ve listed above. This is a personal position, and I fully realize there are many who play this game to fight npcs, just not me. :slight_smile:

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**** no. EVE is a PvP game where the important events happen between players under the control of the players. Having a game-deciding event focused on NPCs and PvE would be an idiotic decision that would likely end EVE regardless of the outcome.

You have a very good and valid point and I certainly understand and respect your opinion. Its hard to debate against it, and if half, or maybe even a quarter of the players feel the same as you; your probably right it could ruin EVE.

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