Invasion RP Idea

If a Systems goes first Luminality and drops into Lowsec status there could be some kind of Escape shuttle cargo containers spawned near the planets, representing planetary refugees.
Each of those could contain a number of Refugees and one could rescue them.
Maybe the escape shuttles need to be “hacked”, making the job a little more risky :slight_smile:

Now roast my selfish RP idea.

Hi Komi! :wave:

A case could be made for visibly seeing NPC craft operating in the background (eg. InterBus transports moving in and out of systems, ships to/from planets), but in this case I don’t think these craft should be interactable. They should be moving and animated and all that, but simply as visual content, not even bumpable. Why? Because there is zero benefit to hacking and rescuing the Refugeees, and no sensible game mechanic could be implemented to make rewards for rescuing them worthwhile relative to basically any other content in the game.

You could fly around bored to death rescuing Refugees and be compensated with barely enough ISK to buy Quafe, or you can actually play EVE and have fun and make ISK worth mentioning at the same time. Remember how that mining thingy, I don’t even remember the name because it was so bad and short lived, was quickly removed after being introduced to the game? That was more interesting than rescuing refugees from planets, and that didn’t last long (but it did earn the scorn of players wondering why CCP wasted limited manpower implementing such trash).

The real problem, however, is that CCP has such insanely limited manpower that they need to focus it on things that are functional and interesting and appeal to as wide of a player base as possible. This is not one of those things. It’s not a bad idea in absolute terms, but it is a bad idea relative to all other idea relative to the priority of ideas that could and should be implemented.

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That still exists and was actually good. It was just the rewards were trash and rather than fix the rewards CCP threw all development on the idea out.
However that is off topic here.

I agree that NPC craft should be visual rather than physical, especially given EVE players and how most would blow them up just because they get to watch explosions.

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