Alien Invaision

I just thought of something that would make the game really interesting. An alien invasion force.

Part of what makes EVE interesting is that everyone here is human. We already have hi-tech ancient humans (or perhaps rogue AI that escaped the Enclaves) in the form of the Drifters/Sleepers attacking now. Why put aliens in?

Consider that the most advanced ancient civilizations in EVE could build energy harvesting complexes around stars that powered technology that allowed them to alter the very fabric of spacetime in order to make interstellar travel via artificial wormhole generation a simple matter (Talocan). Had doomsday devices that wipe out our modern fleets in a matter of minutes (Jove mothership at Vak’Atioth). Built virtual reality constructs in which their race still lives, Matrix-style (Sleepers). The Drifters may be emergent AI escaping from the Sleeper virtual constructs, almost like Jovian Rogue Drones. What could aliens even add in terms of threat in comparison to these (and we only know these races disappeared; we don’t know why, how, where to, or if there’s any chance they’ll be back)?

Hell, the humans we have now are using their teachings and tech to perpetrate atrocities on their fellow man (Sansha uses reverse-engineered artifical wormhole tech for his incursions; the Takhmal are suspected to have given rise to parts of the Sani Sabik from which the Blood Raiders spawned; the Sisters of EVE are developing boosters based on Drifter tech, etc).

I just don’t see how aliens could even be remotely interesting compared to what we have right now.


But what if we actually run into an alien race hellbent on destroying us.

Seems almost all sci-fi “aliens” are really just reskinned humans. Sometimes that is used to explore aspects of human nature, such as in the original Star Trek, but most of the time it’s just the same old tired junk.

I for one find the no “aliens” here / we are the aliens here state of new eden quite refreshing.

EvE devs were saying they were going to be developing the Drifter invasion storyline, but seems that idea has been abandoned.


Yes i know star trek. Everybody knows star trek. Still this idea might get people to play the game again.

I would also prefer that they would develop the Drifters further as of now. They are quite intriguing, and it would be a shame if they were simply abandoned as a faction. There is a lot of mileage left in there.

Now, if there were to be any actual aliens, I would hope that they would not be men with odd foreheads. That approach to an alien has its charm, but with the sort of mood that EVE has built for itself, it would require an actually alien being, perhaps living, cosmic beings of some sort, or at the very least, not space-vertebrates.

No, since I am musing, what I would like to see in any alien capacity would, perhaps, be some alien wildlife. Such as migrating gas grazers, or some sort of beasts who will come and interfere with mining in certain systems. The reliable old space locust is always an option, I suppose.

In summary, if there were to be a great invasion plot, a great, galactic event that would demand players unite against a common threat et cetera, I believe the honour should be given to the Drifters. Perhaps the Sleepers, should they decide to kick the slippers off, have some coffee and come over. Outright aliens, or even more so, Spock-esque ‘aliens’, would simply have to wait their turn.

That said… Heh. Perhaps the odd sighting, the rare attack, at the edges of the galaxy, or in the depths of Wormhole space… Some strange, unfamiliar crafts (if they even are crafts), some tiny, little suggestions that we might not be as alone as we think.

Meet aliens they said…it’ll be great they said…

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Lore much? :grin:

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A little too much, I sometimes think.

we are the real monsters here, no need for an external one


I wish there was another lost race like the jove and sleepers that we might come into contact with with new kinds of ships similar to sleeper tech.

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