The Evolution of Aura / Immersion / NPE

So coming to the end of my 3rd month of playing Eve.

Im the guy you CCP devs like Ghost are wondering “how do we keep them here.”

Let me say this first. Im yours - committed to destruction and profit - Eve is MY game.

But I want to address something I think is falling flat when it comes to Newbros absorbing the universe.

Aura - love her, hate her - the first question is, why do 4 distinctively different cultures/races have the exact same pleasant, lady-AI? Understanding why the Gallente and Caldari would share the AI, having connected technology streams. Also it is somewhat acceptable that Minmatar would be in possession of our lovely lady, as they were gifted technology by the Gallente.

Whether it makes sense through the lore, or not - is of ltitle importance to the idea I have.

Racial AI.

Each race has a unique AI personality that accompanies in their ship - or is small module applied to a ship, no differen then say a skin. Alternatively it can be applied like a implant - and thusly easier to hand out the “starter” AI package when you create a character. Roll an Amarr toon? Get the Amarr AI, purchase the other 3 later at the marketplace if you want. This could also give CCP another revenue stream for future customization and New Eden Store content.

The biggest point of the AI is to highlight the cultural, social, and behavioural differences between the races. Sure Gallente and Caldari can have this nice, calm AI - or perhaps one that promotes a certain kind of flying and behaviour - where as your Minmatar AI can be more destructive and rebellious - naturally pushing those players to fly another certain way.

While EVE is FULL of these rich histories, strong storylines, and dynamic cultures - that diaspora is rarely FELT - especially as a new player - the only difference you feel for your first month (unless you actually seek out the rich lore) is in the ship design - as great as that is, it does little to tell us about the cultures that built those ships.

Logistically I think the hardest would be how it is implemented in the UI and backend of the game - but considering the vast models of item use that are in the game, from PLEX activation, MET, Implants, Skill Books, SP, ISK - I dont think you are far off from an acceptable model.

I think the easiest and acceptable form would be applying them as implants, interchangable on desire - from Aura, to the 4 racial types, to maybe some future voice packs you develop in the future.

Anyways, just a thought to give the game some more nuance between the races and how players experience them.


Keep it simple like the faction themed UIs. Have a faction based one, but make it optional to switch. No need for a module or implant. It took CCP forever to get the voice over we have now, so getting a unique AI voice per faction might be another forever wait due to cost and time.

I agree just making it a faction/ship UI thing, I just see alot of capsuleers crying about being forced into one AI or not.

Also was dangling the implant idea to show off that it can be a plex item down the road. I expect CCP would be more willing to put in the effort if they can show a financial positive to it. At this point, without making it connected to NES probably would never happen.

But I definitely agree with you.

I think the woman that was Aura before Aura (the image she was based on) was a galactic superstar that transcended borders.

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you lead me to the best things. come live in wormholes with me!

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Are you recruiting? :smile:

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It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the ship AI is hand-me-down technology from the Jove rather than developed independently by the empire factions.

It might also be that CCP didn’t want to hire 4 voice actresses to create minor variations on the voice.

CCP can use my face and body for the Minmatar Aura :relieved:

Only if you bring all your pink ships!

According to Eve Reader video above - its pure Gallente Tech - which judging by its mannerisms, respectful tone, and slight cheek - i’d say is pretty true.

And you’re right, it would have been expensive to make 4 copies with minor variances in script.

But thats why i bring it up as a market item, implant, NES item - you can mitigate the cost of a small innovative product by making it a purchasable item.

At this point in CCPs life - any suggestions being made on a GUI, Immersion, and lore basis - need to also attract the eyes of the accountants and marketing people.