Video search

I’m looking for a video CCP put out some time ago.
I have spent an hour or so in this search already but I’m calling in your support if you can give it.
I’m pretty sure the video includes some early examples of Aura enhanced models, but the segment I am particularly after placing is to one where CCP Rise discuses game design in relation to ship balance.
I believe the video also has CCP Fozzie discussing the relocation of character definition choices away from the upfront character creation stage and on to later in the gaming experience once the ramification of those choices are realisable.
I think those segments are in the same video, but I may be conflating two or more.
Anyway, if you think you know what I am on about please do me the service of linking the video in your reply below.
Much appreciation in advance.

I’ve refereed ti this video before, but failed to reference it properly at the time.

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