[INVESTMENT SCAM] EVE Easy Invest - Use your ISK to make ISK and withdraw at any time

I’m honestly impressed by the setup and professionalism here. I’ve been away from Eve for several years, and I found out about Eve Easy while reading through investment opportunities on Reddit. With the amount of time they have been functioning(and their Ukraine support push) I decided to give them a try, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the app and setup. I hope to get to utilize the service for a long time.


I’ll be straight honest… I haven’t made a withdrawal so far, or if I did, it was so small that I forgot about it. So on this part you’ll have to trust the others who confirmed they got their ISK.
The interface is sleek (even sleekier in the latest version. You have to wait a little bit for your deposits to be confirmed but no interest is wasted. Features automatic interest payout, which is nice.

For full transparency, I have to inform you that reviews here (good or bad) are rewarded.

How do you mean rewarded?

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We grant everyone who takes some time to share his experience with our service here a little ISK reward. As Don Aserdeon mentioned, we clearly want honest feedback (good and bad) and don’t to fake it. Here is the description every client can see in our tool:

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I once invested when you still used the older investment client does that count?

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The old client provided the same system (except from the new loyalty interest rate) You can share your experience anyways and of course can get the reward :slight_smile:

Heres my review:
I found this i invested 10 million then i did my first withtrawal after a few days then i deposited some more i think is was 300million isk.
Then i needed that isk to get omega i withdrew it and got it after 2 weeks.

trustworthy business

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Monthly report 1st May2022

Total confirmed balance: 632.245.000.000 ISK
Total earned interest: 65.567.251.469 ISK
Investors: 94
Current fix interest rate: 3,5% per month.

You can find these reports and further information on our DISCORD .

Big “Thank You” to all clients.

Best regards

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Hey le fist where is the interest coming from, because this isnt like investing in a company, so where is it coming from? If its your wallet then that can run out of money.

I answered you on discord.

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reedback so far. looked at the apps coding and put it through some filters came back as nothing bad so safe to doawnload. (dont ask why i did it i just do it for everything i install :slight_smile: ) Le Fist seemed nice enough after i made a mistake with the depositing process ( my fault for not reading the instructions correctly) and will be back here when i withdrawal money to talk about how easy/hard it is but from the looks of it should be simple enough.

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I must say, so far, It actually works. I only deposited a few million, but I’m totally satisfied with this service.

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Comments here aged like a fine wine :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Also I have just one question. Why stop now? Did some people wanted their money back or were you just tired of it or something completely else?

“I joined a hardcore space sandbox, made myself a thriving business, but someone kicked over my sandcastle (“not because I was a competitor or upset them, but simply because they could”) so I robbed all of my clients.” Not because they deserve it or they upset you, but simply because you could.

You became the exact thing that ‘turned you’ to the ‘dark side’. How many of your clients will experience the same thing? The cycle repeats.

It is just a stupid excuse. He would probably done it anyway later on. He just wants to feel good that he is the real victim

well i mean i didn’t lose anything or gain anything from this put in 50mill got 50mill back out though is sad was looking forward to my interest payouts

Stealing all that isk because “Bad players” is a poor excuse and probably a bail out due to bad investment strategy.

Closed at OP’s Request.