Invisible bumps!

You can post a reply and delete your post.
But the activity still updates and thus your thread moves up.

I would bug report it at meta.discourse but they banned me for submitting too any bug reports along with many others :3

So I’ll let you CCP guys be the ones to get banned.

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inb4 CCP banned by Discourse for discussing forum moderation.

Well yea, you so much as submit genuine criticism that isn’t lavishing praise on their dear leader atwood, you get banned from the discourse forums for “hurting team morale”

Here’s the official discopaedia by actual programmersædia-ﷺ-abarker-creator-and-prophet-of-the-discopædia

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Dude, you’re my personal Hero of the Day for this. hahahahaha!

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If their programming skills are as good as the miles long index list on that page, I am not surprised they ban/block/discourage too much criticism and base the decision on morale issues. A simple, multi-column table would make this page so much easier to read.