IRL Recruiting -- seeking IT professionals!

Hi all,

I’m an ex-EVE player, flew with BNI/Brave in Sendaya & Catch and had a taste of many eve activities - mining with Bovril, industry research & manufacturing post-Crius, solo nullsec and WH exploration, market pvp, hauling, L4 missions, incursion logi. I’m very thankful to EVE for getting me out of a tough spot in my personal life, as well as inspiring me to learn IT and SQL through our alliance services - eventually leading me to get a software engineer job IRL.

Thus, I’d like to return the favor to the EVE community, and see if any current or aspiring IT professionals are interested in joining me and my corp IRL! We’re a small startup based in SF in the financial technologies sector.

We have openings primarily for Devops but also general software engineers, and plan on adding more as we grow. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you don’t think you fulfill the experience/expertise requirements, or don’t have a resume prepped. We can be reached by email at or by our support phone at 888-516-2369.

Thanks for reading, and fly safe! o7

P.S. my ceo is also ex-goons

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