Irrelevant notifications for Issues/Workarounds section of forum

Why is it I’m always “watching” issues in the Issues/Workarounds section of the forums even though I’ve never read them ? Is it possible to disable this misfeature ?

You need to mute that forum and disable auto-watching in your preferences -> notifications.

See? It’s so easy!

To be honest, this rubbish of auto-watching should be opt-in, not opt-out. As it is, you start watching a ton of useless topics, most probably dead and only cause unnecessary processing. If people want to be lazy, they should work in the first place to be it as reward.

I’ll try this, thanks!

That’s a bad idea as default. the way it works now is that the forum brings the content to the people. in the old forums the people had to seek it out themselves, increasing the likelihood of echo chambering themselves.

it’s better how it works now, where you have to put effort into opt-ing out (which many won’t, or at least not out of most sections), compared to people not opting in (which people equally wouldn’t, at least not for most sections). especially because people don’t usually opt-in outside of their echo chambers, it’s smart the way it works.

PS: good timezone. o7

The way it works now is that it spams people with useless clutter and requires a lot more micro-management than it should. The idea behind the news feed is that you get information you want at a glance, not a flood of useless static. An opt-out of this auto-watching creates a lot of static and defeats the point of the features.

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thank you for putting your anger and bitterness into an opinion that changes nothing about the accuracy of what i said. :slight_smile:

you see it as spam and i certainly don’t. i don’t have any issues on my tablet, or phone, visually in general, aesthetically or practically, in desktop&landscape mode. it’s useless static for you; maybe you prefer echo chambers? you appear to believe that only having shown information of personal interest is a good thing, and i can’t blame you for that, because the industry pushed it towards this. it’s still nothing else but sitting in echo chambers, though.

Damn, man, you’re really angry and bitter about nothing. i don’t know what’s going on in your mind about this, but there really more important things in life than being angry about a forum that apparently triggers your senses because it doesn’t work the way you want.

Catch some sun, maybe? :slight_smile:

I rather have my Echo Chamber than sitting next to a 20-lane highway at rush hour trying to listen to a news report at normal volume. There is no point in receiving dozens of daily/hourly updates on scam topics in Market Discussion, updates on recruitment threads or Character sales, or from forums whose language I don’t understand. I want to see information that matters to me, you want to have a useless facebook-like news feed flood. Each their own, but judging by this threat, I am not so wrong about my approach.

Thanks for worrying about my daily sun dose, I am sitting next to an open terrace door, watching birds tumble around on my terrace and do some productive work, too. :innocent:

i’ve opted out of those too! :smiley: wasn’t hard at all, they really add no new information about anything, especially when i can’t read the languagr. :grin: still, echo chambering is really bad and the opposite of an open, curious mind. :slight_smile:

ooohhhhh that’s great, i want that too! :smiley: