Is Azbel really a lot better than Raituru?

I’m considering setting up one of these in a low sec system, because the system has no stations in it, and it has good planets for Planetary Interaction. (Mostly just want a place to stow my goods, so I don’t have to make lots of trips in and out.)

It looks like the only difference for efficiency between the two is the 3% vs 4% Isk cost of starting projects.

The difference it manufacturing time bonuses (15% vs 20%) probably won’t affect me very much because I’m just too new at it to keep my jobs chained well enough to benefit from it.

I’m kind of worried about someone coming along and blowing it up, although I’ve seen some pretty small (probably 1 player) corps have structures in the system. So they must not be getting blown up too often.

They are likely alt corps of rather large or deep pocket corps. Its how empire players avoid war decs.

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If I build in a system that already has a bunch of these in it, how will anyone know that I’m not also somebody’s alt?

… It makes sense, though.

I guess what you’re really telling me is “don’t rage quit if you lose 2 billion?”



There is a lot of players who will destroy your stuff just because they can, even if it will be boring and otherwise useless experience,

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You may be around for a while with that attitude. :thumbsupparrot:

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Bear in mind that you’ll need to core any new structure. The core for an Azbel is 3 billion ISK and it is a 100% guaranteed loot drop so there is some incentive to kill any undefended structure with a core. The structure will also need fuel which can add up to a few hundred million ISK per month.

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Raitaru can’t build capital ships.
Azbel rigs do more stuff, so you can have a more flexible structure as opposed to multiple raitarus. (although raitaru spam or sotiyo is generally how people go these days)

If you’re so new you can’t do that, why are you setting up a multi-billion ISK structure? If you just want a storage shed raitaru works fine, but even then it seems like a lot of risk.


Mostly I’m after the storage shed. I found a system with low tax on its gantries, and so I’m thinking I’ll do manufacturing PI from Tier 3 to Tier 4. I’m hoping the lower tax will allow me to get a decent profit margin from it.

The whole experiment could fail miserably… on all levels…

I got an idea: I was flying through a system to scan for other structures, and I’m wondering:

What if I set it up in a location that’s far on the outside of the gates? So when someone is flying between the gates, in any normal ship, it won’ t show up on their D-scan?

Would that have any chance of working?

I’m thinking if I can set up 14+ AU away from a gate (on the outside), nobody will ever go to the trouble of trying to fly to a point where their D scan can find me.

That is…if it works like that…

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Except it doesn’t work like that.
You appear on the overview and can be warped to directly the same way an NPC station can be.

Even if it did you can still be scanned down with probes then warped to directly.

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only if you have the docking access, or on grid.


I stand corrected - thank-you. I had vague memories of it being an option (all or docking rights only) in the overview but that’s my self-delusion for you!

Even if you put your station without docking rights outside dscan range, it is still visible as a blue station signature in space to any hostiles if I recall correctly. So if someone is looking for sandcastles to kick, they will find it without much effort.

Yeah, and also I noticed just now that, even when they are outside of my dscan range, they still show up on the dscan map, near whatever celestial they are anchored to.

So there is no stealth option. It would be blind luck if it survived a month.

I entered a system I was looking at for this, and it had two stations in it, but I could only see them when they were within D scan range. One of them, anyway. It didn’t show up until I scanned for it, and then I warped to the planet that had the moon it was anchored to and still couldn’t see it on my overview. Just on D scan.

I’m only beginning to know how to do this stuff. So I can’t be sure someone else won’t have an easier way to find me.

However, I am thinking it’s a lot of effort for would-be castle kickers to scan down every low sec system on the map continually.

I’m thinking maybe I’ll look for a not very active system. Look it up on Evekillboard and see if there have been any fights there recently. Go and visit a few times and see if anyone’s on local.

For example: this system Frulegar, would be a VERY BAD place.

I wanted to go there because some planets have 0% tax, but then I looked up the corporation that is offering that price, and I think they blow up at least 10 ships in that system per day. (And one of their recent kills actually is a Raitaru)

So I’ll be passing on that one.

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