Is Drone Specialization worth the money?

So I’m a Gallente player and I’m planning to start doing Level 3 combat missions in a T1 Cruiser (Vexor). My friend managed to do L2 in a t1 frigate, so I should be able to to L3 in a cruiser.

I’ve invested all my skill points into drones, and I have nearly every drone-related (interfacing, avionics, etc) trained to at least level III. The only skill I don’t have is Gallente Drone Specialization, and I need the skill to use T2 drones.

However, the skill is ridiculously expensive (13 million) and I don’t know if I will need it to run L3 missions. I don’t want to waste my money, should I buy the skill or just stick with faction drones?

if you can fly to jita, you’ll get the skill for less than 3mil. Gallente specialize in drones so its a good skill to have as it will boost your drone dps and move you into t2 drones.

Cruisers are more fit for L2’s than L3’s… You can certainly do them in L3, but there is a lot of difference in NPC difficulty between L2 and L3. BattleCruisers are more often better for L3’s since you will be coming up on battleships.

now to answer your question, since you are using a Vexor, it would be worth it to have max drone skills or close to it as possible since you are using a drone boat.

13 mil is cheap compared to other skillbooks…

another option instead of flying to jita is to get someone to buy it for you in jita if you are in gallente space, and contract it to you,or quickly set up a jita alt and buy the skillbook.


I did L3s in Myrmidons and lost a bunch in doing so (and found out how expensive reparing in NPC stations can be). The Vexor might be too weak, but players love the VNI (Vexor Navy Issue) for drone ratting.

repairing drones is fairly cheap… its repairing ships that can get costly.

if you have a structure nearby that you can tether to, you can possibly get repaired for free.

Yep, Player stations ftw, also for instant clone jumping!
Are VNIs still a thing?

possibly, i know they were nerfed sometime back, to cut down on botting (not the vni per se, but drone use etc.) don’t recall which patch it was, but it was around the time they limited alphas to L3 missions.

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