Is EVE actually dying?

This forum is for EVE.

Good riddance.

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flying a titan is most certainly endgame. how many noobs do you see flying titans?

You made me agree to Lucas, twice.

That is how wrong you are.

Dude, you are posting in the EVE endgame. If you still log in to the actual game, you are still a noob.


Yes, within 2 - 5 years. The Red Zombieking will announce it at Fanfest. It’s gonna be Legendary… :star_struck:

You’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Many players, maybe even most players, have no intention/desire of using titans. I’ve been playing long enough, but none of my characters have any capitals trained other than freighters. And the only reason i have some t3’s trained is because they ‘had to’ for bull ■■■■ null doctrines.

End game, for anyone, is where the most fun is. It probably has more to do with the people you surround yourself with and the kind of content you run daily than the ships you fly.


I went back to the old forums, and in October 2003, someone was predicting the untimely and sudden demise of EVE. This would happen, they explained, because griefers were blocking access to the minerals.


Post link with proof or it never happened.

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Really? You are going to pretend that argument has never before been made in EVE…
I mean, I’m not on Aiko’s side, but some things are just obvious enough.

I went back to the old forums, and in October 2003,

I don’t believe that statement and I’d like to see a link to the post.

Earliest EVE dying post I could find

Not much has changed.


Pay us to do your research for you.


If memory serves the first use of “EVE is dying” should have been made by Madox early or mid 2003, but I think it was an ironic use.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: No, it isn’t.

Titans are endgame for eve, ask the blobs of them that live in coalitions tat bomb 300-400 to death in smart bomb super fleets.

they are definitely not “other content”, frigate and frigate are “other content”. Eve definitely have a massive power scale to it, though in the sub-cap area its really balanced, when you compare cap and sub together, it becomes clear there is definitely a disparity in power.

The skill points have a massive difference.

Want proof?

Make an even that gives insane amounts of skill points for people that have been inactive for a few years. I’m taking, serious about (millions upon millions). Watch how fast people come back.

Just throw in a stack of 5x 50 million skill point injectors. I bet you loads of people come :wink:
Any intelligent UX designer would instantly recognize there is a reason why the industry has a standard of around 35 hours from start to end game content.

Ccp desperately needs intelligent UX researchers, if they had them they would instantly nerf training times of all sub-caps (at minimum) to a max of 1 month. This has huge potential of opening up the game, and ultimately will create more content, more options, and facilitate serious growth for the game.

It has to come on a serious statement from ccp though, one like "come back to eve and get 250million sill points.

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Prophecy: EvE will die when someone builds a single server space combat RPS/RTS that looks great and more edgy than EvE, a sudden shift of players will occur and EvE become a ghost town, only just enough players to keep the lights on, just. Seen it happen before.
EvE can prevent this, with a better updates, ffs focusing on the planet game play. :face_with_monocle:


Yes, Eve is dead. Now move along and let us necrophiliacs play solitary.


Interesting. How many noobs are able to fly Titans compared to say cruisers?