Is EVE actually dying?

This thread is so old, Salvos posted in it.


It’s so old, I posted in it too!


I recall in 2006, 2015 and even today… the average online has always been not far off 16k on at anytime. I’d have thought we’d be in the millions by now.

Eve is absolutely dying, and its down right stupidity to say other wise.

here is a few important metrics to prove this.

Eve’s peak population was around 65,000
Eves Average online from 2016 to 2017 was around 35,000
Eve’s Average online from 2017 to 2018 was around 33,000
Eve’s average online from 2018 to 2019 was 27,000
Eve’s highest peak online for a year (2013) was 48,000
Last year the average peak online was 33,00
This year, the average peak online is 29,000.

From what it seems ccp peddles two positions, that “eve’s retention rates are really bad” and “that eve is steady”.

We know that the first is false because other wise the games population rates above would reflect growth. and we know the second statement is definitely false because the server metric data (provided above) shows that eve has lost over 40% of its total population.

This means over 40% (Minimum) of the population is gone. It also shows us that

We also learn
in 2017, 5% Of the population left (by 2018)
In 2018, 6% of the population left (by 2019)
in 2019, 18% of the population left (by 2020)

This means that eve is dying around 9.6% per a year.

Its my belief that ccp_hellmar is intentionally playing with player population rates by having things like the “Steam events” where he claims that “Eve grew” or “Eve’s population s growing”.

he does this by having these events, then a few months later when it is forgotten, makes a statement like “eve’s population is growing, because this year this many more accounts were made” Eve though all the data to show that is alts created in those periods.

Any person from corporate investigating this would easily find this point, and he’s be in big trouble, likely for fraud.

TO any intelligent person really watching this data it’s clear t hat eve is not growing in the slightest, as as time progresses the spam of alts will become more and more clear, as will the “evil” and bad nature of people in the game.

On this i’d like to end with a statement for ccp, its current ceo (hellmar) and all people

“when you build something with a good foundation, its destiny is good, and when you build it with an evil foundation, its destiny is evil”.

Even can never recover until its foundation is corrected. Eve exists as an encouragement to evil action because the leader of the game itself, is, as demonstrated evil. I often think he is a scammer himself, and his mastermind plan is to use ccp as a demonstration to the world that corporations are evil. The only question i have is, is he doing it to shine a light on the evil itself, or to show that evil can be done.

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Oh look, your back peddling your false narrative again. (Also, Spelling peoples names right, Spellchecking your posts, and that sort of thing is a really great idea)

EVE has never had a sustained population of 65k. That was a single login event where the Devs encouraged everyone to log in every character they could in order to set a record.


WTF are you talking about here.
You come up with weird statements like this that mean nothing.
If you want to talk about new accounts being made, go and actually look at the data rather than spinning utter tripe. The data clearly shows that we are getting far far more new accounts made now, with a sizable bump after alpha’s were introduced, and another sizeable bump further along.

And then you go on about ‘Good & Evil’. Which… is clearly delusional now. You need to step back and breathe about this stuff.

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Hey look its my old bud nevy, who cant read.
Lets walk through this…

Who said eve sustained 65k?

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Lets get to the point
If the population average (concurrent player base) was 35,000 two years ago, 33,000 a year ago, and 27,000 this year)

Is the game growing, or dying?

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If you want to bring a number into it, it has to actually be relatable to other numbers you are using.
If it’s not a sustained number, it’s irrelevant when compared to other sustained numbers.

You know it’s not a binary answer right.
A contraction of the player base does not equal death or dying.
Also where are you pulling this 27000 BS number from? Considering you came out with 29000 just a couple of posts ago.

P.S. Learn to actually use one post to reply.

Any new players not familiar with @Naari_Naarian should read then and stay well clear of him…

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Really guys…
Naarian just shut up about it.

But if you and Nevyn want to argue it go research back some time in 2011.
At on epoint that year CCP said they had over 500,000 players, with about 3.5 million Characters created and being used in game.

If you guys want a base to argue about that would be the one, go and figure out if we have more less than 500k players since 2011 in 2019.

That has already been done by someone a few years ago by analysing CCP’s financial statements.
They came out to a guess between 350k-400k players.
So yeah, we’ve had a probable player drop. I don’t think anyone at all is arguing that we’ve kept peak player numbers.


I enjoy making sure people know the truth about eve, that it is dying. The faster people know this, the sooner we can get to working out why, and actually start correctly the abuse and bad design positions and lies being peddled to keep the game afloat.

Eve cannot heal as long as we are sitting here dealing with lying, troll dev/staff alts.

Like i said, they can do that for the next decade, but in the end they are just spouting stupidity as the game dies. near two decades of development on this position has shown that eve will not go anywhere as long as these forms of what can only be summed up as “criminal mindsets” are the key focus of development.

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And this is why you are delusional, and probably should be banned from EVE, because you are making libellous statements aimed at CCP designed purely to hurt CCP.

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Actually his wishing for a new server or additional server to seperate TQ into sections is probably more disastrous.

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While eve historically has been unshared, if data shows that people want to “restart” it may be good for the future of the game and ultimately ccp as a company to go that way.

That is the point i was making. Personally, I favor un-sharded games. I am not advocating that is my position as much as i am advocating that we should pay attention to this as a way to formulate if the skill training is to long and the reason for major retention drop offs.

If you thin about ti skill point bonus events are big, and ccp tracks them as being important.
They seem to provide weight to this, and the position that training time are to long, which subsequently makes people feel like “they can never catch up” which leaves to leaving the game.