Is EVE at its best carrying capacity?

The thing I remember most from the old ice belts is the bots. After ganking a ship you’d often see the pod sitting in space until the bot figured it was full of ice, at which point the pod would warp back to station, dock & undock and warp back to the belt, still as a pod.

Other than that, go to, select a region and look at the ADMs. Even a small group of 4-6 active players can easily keep a system ADM above 4.5.

I’m not sure if it’s a bot, he seems to be activating his miners slowly and releases ice mining drones one by one, which looks like it’s been done by hand, but … the player has 17 Covetors and mines down an entire ice belt in less than an hour. That’s like having one mining barge for each ice rock. And that’s only one player and you often get two or three of these players with fleets of alts and only with a few ships less. They make the ice belts disappear fast. So this hasn’t really changed. Still, the belts respawn 4 hours later and you can still find ice belts during the day. One only needs to move and look for them, which these fleets of alts need to do, too. They usually then park their fleet in one system and stay there.

Well, not sure where “carrying capacity” comes in here, but judging by the growing number of alts I see is there enough space. Ice currently pays pretty well and yet you can find enough of it while the ore belts are turning into deserts.

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CCP already has the model, it’s the game, that and the monthly stats.

2007 seems like a premier year for not only the game but the external energy that players expended. I find a lot of game posts dated 2007, not very helpful at this time, but certainly one year that stands out from all the outdated posts that one finds on EVE topics.

Why google finds plenty of those old posts and not more recent ones is slightly disturbing. I tweak the search to only find 2018 results and that’s not something I normally have to do.

It certainly seems that EVE is shrinking in terms of players creating patterns of information on EVE. Probably because such good external systems already exist, EVEmarketer, EVEpraisal and all the others. But possibly because no new energy is coming into the system.

To me the suggestion is that the system is balanced, and I would hate the job of growing EVE’s playerbase.

Hmm. Normally I ignore these sorts of responses, because I get tired of their negativity, their lack of humour. But I like to help people, and I value the successful implementation of ideas above all things.

So I won’t point out any typographical errors. I won’t focus on misdirected energy.

Here, let’s sit down and have a chat about how to change systems.
Here is a shopping list of what you need…

  1. Someone to take all the blame, because people waste a lot of time being fearful of blame, so you need someone who can take that fear away.
  2. Someone has to be able to initiate creative chatter about change. This is nearly impossible. Because as soon as you start, people play the judge and “yes, but…” games and point out why things won’t work. This is a trap for anyone wanting to start a change process. And usually not worth the effort of bypassing.
  3. People hate change. Yes, we all know that but not many people sit down and work out why. As previously mentioned blame is one aspect. As soon as you suggest change, it’s taken as a criticism of those currently running the show, in other words taken badly, so as you say CCP hates me. If you only knew how many people have hated me. And yet, still I am here. The next reason is that change costs energy and time, and worse, can fail!!! So in a nutshell that is why people hate change. Probably some other reasons I forget right now, but let’s leave it there. So what people do is ineffective change. They change letterheads, and have meetings about corporate visions and all that guff, which means nothing changes, except some words.

Some things never change though. Like games forums. :slight_smile:

But that’s why I love them, and keep returning to them and keep posting in them and keep reading predictable replies and keep answering the answers I have given hundreds of times. I just do it less often these days, and I tend to post ideas and then ignore the posts and move on. To other posts, other forums, other games.

But today is your lucky day. I spent a couple of minutes sitting down to chat with you. :wink:

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2007 the forums were way more active, I think every time CCP changed forums the player engagement dropped. There’s also a lot of other forms of media, all the youtube channels, blogs, reddit posts and whatever else a lot of discussion doesn’t happen on the forums. Then with the various nullsec changes more people can live in nullsec so are probably using private corp/alliance communication tools. Sure just about everything has been changed since 2007 in some way, but I’m not sure most things have changed enough that they are worth much discussion.

That and I think ~2007 was one of the most active times in Eve’s history. Eve had been around for a few years, Player counts were on the rise, null politics were wild, things were expanding, players were all over the place just trying to learn the game.

Now 11 years later we’ve seen things expand and now they’ve contracted some. Player counts are pretty similar to 2007 levels (going by peak concurrent users on Now players are more spread out so in some ways the game world feels less active even though there’s probably more going on than before. Easy example would be going from dual boxing missions to solo blitzing. Also play style shifts, like when I was a newb in 07 there were so many people in suroken running lv3 missions that they removed the asteroid belts to reduce server load. Now a lot of those new players go do FW, or go out to null and VNI rat. I’m not sure there are many lv3 hubs out there anymore, the SoE one is probably the biggest.

Forum activity is linked to the number of players and the forum was a bit stricter and the moderation a bit younger, too.

Now we have ISDs and where is the fun in causing a drama or kicking off when it no longer gets a CCP member to lock the thread?

I remember rages on the forum where CCP had to lock every new thread that popped up. Those times are gone now.

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