Is Eve Dying/Dead?

Nope. I just got chased out of a whole lot of space over the last two days. I think if it were dying I’d have been able to plant my POS the first time.
Edit: To make this sound less like a complaint: The presence of player-driven content is not a dying game. Players are doing stuff, and interacting, and blowing each other up. EvE is alive and well, and I’ve got the heart-rate to prove it.



They didn’t even get 425 million, they only got half of it because they failed to meet the goals set by Pearl Abyss for the full payment. :rofl:


Lol, imagine only getting half of 425 million dollars - LOL, hahahahaha, I’d rather be a loser in a forum who got nothing, instead of having just a couple hundred million.

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That is true, but I also have never lost 217 million dollars due to bad job performance. :laughing:

You cant lose something you never had.

Thats the myth told by people who set undeliverable Targets.

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That was a good thing for the game though.
I get the impression that some players see the payment as some kind of direct investment into EVE, but it’s just money that went to the previous owners. It’s money that won’t ever go into development or maintenance.
It would still have been totally fine from a strict player POV, if hypothetically, PA got CCP for free, or even better, if they rather got paid to take charge and keep EVE afloat.

In any case, those failed performance goals are not our problem.

Mac native client, web client, … soon Linux native client…

Looks like they’re investing to me.

However, at the rate the player count chart is going down… they may be discovering oil… or dinosours.

Yep, EVE is totally dead and buried… wonder why the forum is still going.

Those who created the sandbox model aren’t the one’s making the decisions or calling the shots anymore. It’s possible no one even knows what “sandbox” means in the CCP corporate offices anymore.


There was a time when I too would debate whether EVE is dead or not. But I’ve not played for months now, years if you dismiss that little romp I had in a nullsec corp this year. My interest in EVE is dead. And I’ve come to realize the game is as dead as I imagine it to be. What you guys consider a “game” I consider an Asian MMO skinner box by now.

So to me it is in a state of undeath while to others it might feel quite alive.

Losers :joy:


I mean, CCP isn’t reliant on that money to begin with and its paid for buying the company and not tied to paying wages, which the company already does, it wasn’t money going back in to the company

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Yet you’re still haunting their forums. Its almost like, you’re one by association huh?

That set of numbers should be put into proper context. These are not “reliable monthly sub” numbers.

It was a pretty significant ISK giveaway, along with other rewards, run at a time when a 30-day sub would also allow an account to vote in the annual CSM elections. I know of at least a couple dozen alts that were subbed for one month only to catch the ISK/vote combo (2 of them were mine).

This means that at a probable “peak” sub-count number, CCP is making a little over a million dollars a month from subs. Given the financial issues that CCP has experienced in the past, I would consider that “emergency action” range of financing.

A quick look at PCU numbers shows that EVE is at it’s lowest login levels ever, even lower than the panic-level numbers they hit in 2016, causing them to open the doors to F2P, or the Blackout disaster of 2019.


With any luck this is a combo of reduced Covid restrictions giving people more options in their leisure time, plus war-end exhaustion, and players checking out recent game releases (New World, WoW etc.). It could also mean that increasing numbers of players are simply not on-board with EVE’s direction over the past few years and are voting with their feet.

Player count isn’t important.

So what, the bots and losers are leaving? Good riddance.

As someone with no stake in the game’s continued existence, that’s pretty easy to say.

But think of it from PA’s perspective. They have a multi hundred million dollar investment to make up. If that comes from botters and losers rather than a bunch of sociopaths who have scammed other players to the point they’ll never need to put a cent into playing for the next hundred years, then so be it.

Helloo bots. Buh bye CODE.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

You are operating under the fallacious assumption that player count is directly related to profitability. Why don’t you let the developers worry about development? You don’t really need to voice your opinion, it’s not like they are listening to you.