Is Eve Dying/Dead?

Well, even if there was only 5 players in the game you definitely wouldn’t be alone, thanks to CCP’s nefarious NPC’s…


Ha thats true.

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Player quality is more important than player quantity.

To who?

Players? Sure.
Corps/alliances? Maybe.
Pearl Abyss? Nope.

–Gadget says, why not both?

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I doubt Pearl Abyss cares more about “quantity” of players than “quality”. My guess is they care about MONEY, and paying customers are quality players. Highsec miners and carebears don’t pay very much, they are usually trying to figure out how to do everything efficiently and cheaply. PvPers are the ones blowing up spaceships and generating profit.

I would offer that quality players know how to pay for the game without actually spending a cent, while new or “bad” players are willing to spend cash to play catch-up, recoup losses, or try and get “better”.

The ads are not targeted at vets.

–Gadget is just sayin’

True, but these players then DOUBLE DOWN and pay even MORE for MORE. Whereas carebear pennypinchers just keep grinding away without paying anything.

No thanks. I sub one account and play for fun. I’m not gonna spend my free time engaged in a second job to then pay for the even more limited amount of fun time.

The real craziness is spending in game time to farm in game money in order to keep playing the game. Just find a job, follow a budget and you can easily shell out the 15 or so per month.


Damn …

1dollar is roughly 65m
That’s farming 1b per month to pay for the sub

A average acceptable amount of isk/h is 100-150m/h
That’s “only” 7-10 hour of play ?

Doesn’t really look profitable to me to pay the sub in isk unless you have sufficient freetime to play the game.
But I don’t think this makes of you a “good” player but a player that has more time than others


This topic has legs like a nightmare,
a ring-wraiths steed:
horse zombie says nay to fatality
flog away, flog away.

Opinions on the “quality” of players is moot, even CCPs opinion is ultimately mutable out of necessity.
It is and always has been a numbers game. Greater numbers equates to more interactions and MOAR* emotive experiences.
I’m beginning to wonder if EVE is being developed as a game for humans to play at all as opposedto an AI experiment to analyse biological behaviour when under stress.
oh-seven Sophia, oh-seven.

*a clever acronym

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Fair enough.

I actually keep a pair of subs going (One on my main, and one flickering around to different accounts as per my whim) but any Plex I want for other items I get through ISK.

The real indication, though, is that you could continue to play without paying actual cash, but choose not to.

Again, neither of you are likely the target of the ads.

–Gadget is always here

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Why not let CCP make money this way. Those players might leave soonish, so let’s grab as much from their wallets as you can get.

Imho the money grabbing is not that bad and will not let Eve die a painful death.

It’s the addition of non-sandbox thingies. That will lead to separate playerbases with no interaction. So at least one of them will probably leave. And that is most probably the one veterans are in.

I feel it is a big mistake from CCP’s management to go this way as there are not really any comparable sandbox games on the market while there is a shitton of other games that are much better than Eve for themepark and instanced pvp stuff


I also think it’s ok. There are people that are straight buying isk from time to time just to play with a friend for an evening and go to fight or whatever while not having the time to make isk to afford fighting

That’s perfectly fine to have this possibility. Money for ccp, pulls up consumption and destruction of goods, they are content for themselves and everyone, and everyone is having fun out of that.
The only possible negative aspect is that it fuels inflation

DEAD… auto jumped to 0 … did not end in pod… :unamused:

I think you are mostly right about the expectations from new players are different from what they were in 2003/2004. But at the same time - EVE has been around for a long time. The complexity of the game is what makes it worth playing I think. I guess there will be a drop in players, but if the community is good it will shrink but not die. Another example of this in MMO:s are Lotro. Who would think that this game would continue to exist in 2021 when it was launched in 2006? It had its peak about 2010-2012. The last 5 years or so the playerbase is quite constant and the game lives on. I think EVE will be alittle bit like that to. The playerbase will shrink to what it is today and stay at that level for the next few years. However it might come in style again if it is correctly updated and upgraded. I think planetary development could and should be taken to the next level. Maybe time to look for what they did for Stelaris and how that game managed planets? After all EVE is a great game. Maybe it has just reached its middleage crisis. But it will come out of it just as some of us “oldgamers” have.

Regarding paying for Omega subs:

I just wait for an annual sub sale and sub then. Then it’s even less - like $10-12/month. I do plex an account once in a while but not normally.

Dray Cil

Eve won’t die till CCP shuts off the server. It’s simply a Niche game that die-hards will only play regular.

We know when Eve is dying when Linux gets a native client like the Mac.

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Well, Mac native is done, Windows native is done, Web for tablets and devices is ongoing, Linux native is the only other direction they can go to save their bacon. Shouldn’t be a stretch to go from Mac native to Linux native as Eve uses many cross platform technologies already on the client side, they can use whatever they like server side.

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This game was dead when they went FTP that is how you can tell most MMO are dead. Those using player login stats to justify this game viability that’s a joke considering half of those logged in are not paying customers. The FTP model props up a dead game making it look alive in reality Eve is a zombie.


F2P probably saved them.

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