Is Eve Dying/Dead?

It is up to you to change history and rename old stuff because it now offends somebody! Also, because you brought it up, that must mean you personally believe in it! Shame on you!

You don’t need to elucidate your points for those without wit. Thank you, though, for keeping it up for posterity. Interesting topic that deserves a different venue for discussion.

Bro just say you’re the alt and keep it moving.

Dying since 2004

Ad hominem-- again. Par for course, I’d say. Do continue.

EVE is dying since the ridiculous scarcity.
CCP promised that scarcity will end within the 2021 Q4. We have only 2months within this year and have nothing new info.
That’s the matter. The trust between CCP and players influences the lifespan of the game. And the eve’s doomsday clock has only 5 minutest left unless CCP say something about scarcity.

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But why is that better? Regardless of what caused the change, if the qualities of the extra people are ignored, the experience will be worse.

Unless you are going to tell me that you like and enjoy the company of the majority of people, which I sincerly doubt as you seem to be fairly rational.

It’s only dead on the inside

On the outside it looks like a perfectly healthy store front


You got a permit for that?

At the moment, the complete lack of a published future roadmap leads to the impression that it is perhaps starting to wither.
All we see is a never-ending procession of log-in bribes and “events” instead of actual long-term goals and forwards-looking game development.
There have been no announcements about where the game is going and what is planned.
That makes players feel uneasy.

We’re perhaps at a nexus.

Are CCP making the sometimes fatal error of caring more about producing financial returns to their investors than producing a good product for their customers? Watch this space.


Well, I wish to beg your forgiveness for my unintended offence.

Sani Sabik (Blood Raiders) do not share moral similarities with Venition REDACTED Nobility – should be sufficiently ridiculous.

The first time I played EVE was somewhere around in 2008. And it has been dying and dying since then :smiley: If anything, the zillions of added complexity and balance attracts long-term dedicated, mature people who appreciate the strategic aspect of it. Oh, that’s not to mention that most pilots are incomparably much nicer people these days - even the dedicated gankers.
And from other games (like Elite Dangerous) I know a small but truly dedicated fanbase can keep ticking even a MMO.
(P.S. Back then in 2008 you couldn’t even get out of station without being blown up - everyone played like it was Quake, Unreal Tournament, or a similar FPS game)

Already stated scarcity will not end. It is well received by players and has really helped the game overall.

Interesting notion. It must be the constant stream of giveaways and login events that’s killing the player count then.


Are you serious ? How did it do better than its cons ?

Can’t believe I’m having to connect the dots for people, I must be missing some angle in the debate, but nevertheless, here ya go:

  • More players = increased income = more capital to invest in content for the game.
  • Less players = reduced income = less capital to invest and potentially product end-of-life

Ultimately it doesn’t matter, CCP is a business and much like a shop, increasing their customer base is the name of the game, whether you really comprehend it or not that is a fact.

Whether our individual anecdotal experience is positive or not is irrelevant. Some people may hate a popular movie/song, but if it’s popular enough to make the top 10, it’s a success and made a good return.

Players railing against scarcity are just like children whining about having to go to the dentist. Sure, it feels better to not have to do it now, at the expense of whatever problems today becoming much worse in the future.

Thankfully CCP, being the good parents that they are, aren’t giving junior any say in the matter, regardless of the tear volume and amount of foot-stamping and angry screeching that is thrown their way.

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You didn’t offend. I also hope you hit a buy order but someone else buys the item and you’re forced to pay a little more than you thought.

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