Is Eve Dying/Dead?

You didn’t offend. I also hope you hit a buy order but someone else buys the item and you’re forced to pay a little more than you thought.

No one cares about emo Blood Raiders.

Any proof or

Good to know. Assumed Selective Sensibilities.

Was that a jab aimed at my unearned cultural appropriation?
Anonymity is exciting isn’t it, masked balls were all the rage back in the day.
Now Bio-security Responders use the technology to cover-up their tyrannical leer.
No-one seems to care about that either.

Is that crack you’re smoking?

Boring and predictable. Try harder.

I don’t know that I have to :smiley:

Clearly whatever it is you are on is quite enough.

The faux intellectualism is funny tho :smiley:

Agreed. I’ve not made that claim, why are you?

EVE and its forums are a great way to learn about ourselves.
Thank-you for not taking me too seriously. I honestly could not have done it without you.

You don’t have to make the claim. I can smell your beret from here. And the turtleneck.

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Yah, see I dont think I can take insults from someone pretending to be this stupid seriously.

Looks like we have another “there’s no such thing as objectively bad if it makes money” guy.

It’s a game. There is no onjectively good/objectively bad, except in the opinions and preferences of its’ players.

On the one hand, EVE is a business and the amount of players it has, both subbed and free, directly contributes to the amount of content and social connection it has.

As a business, it also needs as many paying players as possible (subs, Plex, packs, skins, whatever) in order to keep the lights on and keep development moving. EVE needs an even higher percent of these than some games, since CCP seems to always find new ways to throw EVE income away on failed ventures.

Not to get into the quantity/quality debate here since it appears to be one structured more along lines of faith than reason, but my own personal experience and contacts would suggest EVE and CCP are failing along both fronts. We are losing both quantity and quality of players over time, in my experience.

My own belief is that this is because CCP has been flailing around grasping at any proposal that they think will “restore the game” or boost numbers (such as endless login bribes), without ever being willing to commit to doing the things the game would need to make it more successful. (Hint: scarcity and blackouts aren’t it)

Nothing I have seen in the past 3 years has had any promise of leading to a revitalized EVE. The best we can hope for at this point is that they manage to eke out a slowly diminishing player base and keep the game chugging along for another 5-10 years on life support.

Of course there is but never worry about it. Ill just “enjoy the movie for what it is” because giving CCP my money is all that matters no matter what they do or mess up.

epic end…

As a brand new player, I have no idea on the state of the game, but just judging by chat in my weeknight playtime, it feels like a much larger player base than some other old MMO’s I’ve jumped into in recent years, I guess the single live server helps with that a lot.


The introduction of Alpha play was HUGE. The loss of Narja was a @Q#%@$^ catastrophe. The loss of high sec war killed the fun of logging in for a quick WT hunt for a few hours.

Every time one of the fairly new NPC murder mechanisms kill me, I log out for a while. But my addiction is strong.

Fun = ( (activity + reward) / (drudgery + waiting) * (pvp_risk/npc_risk ) ) / real_world_cost

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Cool function! I love it.

So as a price goes to zero, your fun level approaches infinitely fun… You might not be the best customer to cater for, but you’re the best citizen ever.

Good observation!

I should have broken out the real_world_cost into both time and money. Sitting at the computer, looking at a screen and not actually doing anything is awful and an awful waste of unrecoverable time.

I don’t think Eve will ever actually die… BUT the forums sure are quiet these days. I remember in the good ol’ days there would be hundreds+ posts per day in each category.

Here’s a video answer to your question though Eve Never Fades
That video always triggers good memories and stirs good emotions in me.

This game has a special place in everyone’s heart. I just came back to it after a long hiatus, and like me a lot of other people will keep coming back and going away. Though I got to say that it was a bit of a shock coming back, looking at my People and Places and seeing a bunch of those names that triggered memories being offline.
I’m nostalgic that’s for sure, and watching old trailers, reading old posts, searching for my old foes and their corps is a bit saddening, but you know what? Eve has always been about writing your own future.

So this time around I will also make new friends, have a great time, blow up people and get blown all the while having the same big smile, a bigger belly and a better computer than back when I started.

Hope to meet many of you at the Eve Fanfest next year, as it will be my first =)

See you in space, fly safe everyone (except goons, i still hate you :rofl: ) o/

This. This is what EVE is.

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Forums aren’t the only thing that’s pretty quiet.

Yes, EVE will take a long time to die, and yes, there’s a lot of nostalgia about it. Or about the way people ‘remember’ it, which isn’t really the same as what EVE is.

I get a laugh out of people who point at the marketing videos and go “Oh yeah man that’s EVE!”. Videos carefully edited to make it look like something is always happening and the action is “Star Wars in space”.

Just remember that what EVE really looks like is a lot more like this:
This is EVE. For real, this time.

For you maybe. You choose to be bored and bitter :smiley:

Don’t mistake that for reality.

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I think that what you posted is just one aspect of what you can do in Eve. In the case you pointed out, you are showing the big null space alliance life… and not the entirety of it either, as its not always like that.

You are missing out on a lot of other roads of the Eve life by generalizing Eve as you did.