Is Eve Dying/Dead?

highsec is pretty empty but 0 space is growing. go figure

But I read on these forum that Null was practically empty… go figure.
I’ll go to Null as soon as I’m done with the career agents. I expect to get blown up again and again but they’ll all be cheap ships and starter corvettes anyways, that is until a Nullsec corporation designs recruit me. I’ll see…

Certain parts of null have always been. The good parts, well, always been fought over.

It’s the second most-populated area of space in the game, but at ~15% it’s still an insignificant amount of unique players compared to the amount that lives within 4 jumps of Jita.

I see. Last time I was in Jita, yesterday, there were around 1700 capsuleers in the system… that’s nuts. One jump away there were about 45 and it decreased drastically after that to 18 and then lower.
Jita feels like a mess. I reduced the chat panel side to a sliver because of all the solicitors’ nonsense and I could not get out of that system fast enough.

Give it up, fake new player. Real 13 day old players don’t spend all day playing the forum. They spend it playing the game.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Right now there is about 18k players in nul. No idea about high sec… maybe 5k? less perhaps

That sounds about right, maybe 7k? Cause everytime I log in there are between 22k and 25k players.

I very much assure you that that is not the case.

Also, anyone wants to see a distribution, just use map filtering settings in-game.


Didn’t know that was in game. Will look for it. Thanks.

Disagree, that assumes scarcity was the only solution. As others have explained, excess resources can be dealt with either on the supply side (scarcity) or demand (new content). The problem with tackling it on the demand side is it introduces the need to continually dripfeed new resource sinks which means a commitment to creating new art assets and making engine changes.

The changes CCP have been making over the last few years are mostly changes in design which doesn’t require new tech or assets. For a games company new tech/assets is the expensive bit. CCP have attempted to make Eve as much of a passive revenue stream as possible by making caps rarer to try to bring back the esteem of owning one, but you can’t put the genie back in the bottle and my theory is that is why players are rebelling. Instead they needed new new ships and infrastructure to build.

There is another way and I think we’re close to seeing CCP change direction… Time will tell I guess!

The problem with demand-side solutions is that they’re just as unpalatable as scarcity when pushed on producers (see: Trig and pirate rats blowing up players in high-sec).

Many producers seem to be under the impression that it’s perfectly fine for the game’s population to be composed of two distinct groups: one that produces, and one that consumes. But how (a) are the consumers supposed to either afford things to consume without producing things themselves, or (b) the economy is supposed to not be broken when everyone produces, but only a fraction of the population consumes?

Demand-side fixes would work if everyone agreed to engage in their fair share of consumption, but good luck convincing 75% of the game’s population to ever do something as ludicrous as occasionally losing a ship. I posted about “players’ individual obligation to the community” and nearly got my throat torn out by people who openly admitted to only caring about their own enjoyment, and screw everyone else.


If you think I’m going to justify everything I do, anything I do and when, in a game forum, you’re nuts.

Mr.Epeen: [ Enter nonsensical troll post here ]

Blockquote We dont leave because nothing else is like EVE, not because it is better than other games. and, most importantly, we like the people we play with.

Some of us play solo because nothing else is like EVE. For myself the other players are just the most challenging random number generator possible.


Tried Star Citizen? It might not be like Eve, but man it’s promising.

I think you forgot to put an /s at the end of your post m8.

Lol @ Star Citizen being promising


Hey hey don’t be so harsh, it is promising… and will be such for a couple centuries while still being in early access. :smirk:



.02 From an 11 month/old

The biggest threat to the game is the buyout by PA. Not the game mechanics/design. The dedication CCP has put into EVE is evidenced by its insanely long life. PA has provided no such evidence yet.

That being said; As a 21 year analyst in a global financial IT department I’m pretty confident in saying that concurrent logins without context(s) and external impact review is a poor indicator of the games financial health. The peaks seemed to be around the period of casino’s and unchecked grey-market ISK/Cash conversion activity. It was also a time period when WOW was the only significant MMO competition and pre-smartphone gaming boom. The more recent drops seem to relate to CCP’s work to decrease the unchecked BOT population (TY CCP).

To my mind the number better reflects the actual hard-core base, and that CCP/PA can be almost guaranteed about $50 million a year, while that may not be ‘a lot’, it’s more than pocket change when it can be counted on as solid YoY revenue. It does mean that significant development would need to be invested from outside (i.e., PA) Which my gut says isn’t likely. For them EVE is more likely a solid revenue stream with little maintenance (cost) required, as well as IP value.

The game, even without significant dev, is awesomely painful.

My first computer game was star-trek played with paper tape via teletype. I have played every single single-player game that came out since then that I had the even the slightest interest in. I am a recluse IRL and avoided MMO’s because, quite frankly, people are only a source of disappointment and angst IRL and in game. However, the vast complexity and depth of EVE dragged me out of my single user game world last year. Since then, I’ve dropped almost $3k and countless hours into the game as I work to carve out a solo play style in an MMO world that’s considerably more than just making big rocks into little rocks and little rocks into minerals. From what I can see I’m still several years away from that.

The quotes I ran into before I took the plunge that have proven to be painfully true are: “Never fly/invest in anything you can’t afford to lose” and “EVE is a bad game for bad people”. [Can’t disregard the War Games quote, “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play”] Yet even with those apparent truths I’m looking at throwing even more significant $$ into the game. Why? Because it seems like a perfect retirement hobby for me and that’s only a few years away.

So, am I gambling that EVE will still be around?

You bet.


Seeing as how PA is responsible for one of the only few other hardcore PvP MMOs on the market, I’m not convinced that’s an issue. If an acquisition was necessary, that’s about as favorable an outcome as EVE players could’ve gotten.

Well, unless you’re not into the whole “PvP” thing. Then you’re probably punching a hole through your hat, and cursing that a company like Nexon or Tencent or Perfect World didn’t acquire CCP instead.

Not cursing anyone. I’m sure CCP made the best move for EVE that they could. I’m sure they are looking forward to retirement too :wink: