Is eve like fishing for isk peanuts

where you just relax and chill and enjoy the scenery? like you sit and harvest a rock and take your rock back to station. or you harvest pve ships by shooting them instead of taking the rock home with you. i think shooting pve is easier cause at least you get paid without having to take it back to station and refine it. but it gets boring doesnt. targetting the enemy ship and clicking the fire buttons and waiting to get your isk peanuts. so eventually one day you get a bigger ship to shoot at ships that give you more isk peanuts. if only you could get a bot to harvest your isk peanuts… hmm…


sorry … oO … ^^ … WHAT??

what you want to say with that?





i think im gonna install it and pve until i realize how boring it is. maybe read a book or two. spend 45 minutes warping around getting good deals on low level gear. work up the nerve to go to low sec and watch it explode.

More like fisting and never getting a nut.


Its like fishing for memes.

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No, more like a wombat waffle iron glittering singularity rave.

To me its more like a whack-a-mole simulator in which the mole occasionally drops his ■■■■-fit faction modules upon death

which i then sell to buy more ships to smash more moles

Yes. Squirrels Online.

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