Is ganking PVP?

I always thought that ganking is not a PVP. But in the recent CCP survey there are only two choices:


so does this mean that CCP thinks that ganking is PVP or this survey is not for players whose playstyle is highsec ganking? I really don’t know what to do. Or maybe it is PVE?

The question about preferred gender was also hard to answer, but in the end I went with woman…


Well, it’s certainly not PvE…


Well the ganker (player) is taking action against (vs ) another player (which applies even if the target decided to leave their ship unattended or ran by a bot, as it is still a player controlled ship even if their form of control amounts to no control at all, it is still under the control of said player’s will and decisions, in opposition with NPC ships) so yes hisec ganking is PvP.

Now the real question is, is hisec ganking Real PvP™? :wink:

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oof thanks, with your help I was able to finish this survey

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Ganking doesn’t exist. “Gank” is a made-up slang word and not even an original one. Sounds like gunk to me.

There’s PvE & PvP in this sanbox.

I always thought that ganking was a cheezy form of pvp, like exfil camping in tarkov

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Er… ALL words are made up.
And it’s jargon, because it means something specific in EvE - specifically a ‘suicide’ ambush attack in High Sec.

–Maven Gadget


Right. PvP.

Is the Pope a Catholic ?
Do bears poo in the woods ?
Is ganking PvP ?


A form of PVP, yes, agreed.

Dishonorable for some - part of the game for most.

But that’s why I like EvE.
It can be many things to different people.

–Gadget does like a bit of nuance

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Sienna likes a bit of nuance too but a bear cub remains a bear. :slightly_smiling_face:


Like I said, I find it just like Escape from Tarkov’s Exfil Camping, its just as dirty to some. But its still pvp


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if the miner is a bot-aspirant, does it count as PVE?

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PvP = Player vs Player

Yes, ganking is PvP. Even though it is 1 sided.

How is it “one sided”?
99% of miner ganks can be avoided by simply flying a Procurer rather than a Coveter. Or by using d-scan or having a scout on the gate.
99% of Freighter ganks can be avoided by simply having a scout alt, or not flying through obvious bottleneck systems.
100% of station dock/undock ganks can be avoided by having insta-dock/undock bookmarks.

It’s not “one side”. The gankee’s choices and mode of operation have a lot to do with affecting how the ganker chooses their target.


It’s one-sided to me in terms that when 30+ ships attack my 1 ship. That is just my opinion (well aware of the counters) Just like when someone says gf and they have murdered my 20mil ship with their ship worth 1bil+ :man_shrugging: There was a massive thread about if GF was an insult or not. (too lazy to find it).

We can get all philosophical we want, and you got a fair point.

Getting deleted is no fun but it’s a natural part of any game. Dota 2, FPS games, Tf2 crits, etc.


That is just honorabru space pvp.
Those Coveters are nasty. Can’t take any chances! :stuck_out_tongue:
A fall gank is the most humiliating experience. You lose your ship, you lose sec status and the whole system is laughing at you (and to be fair, they’re quite right to laugh)

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You should choose ‘Other’ option and type: I do PVP in hi-sec to be punished by PVE.

i remember someone trying to gank my orca back in 2021 in a high sec 15 jumps from jita. 0.5 system 51 catalysts. heated tank and prayed. and somehow left in hull alive at the end of the gank. turns out fitting cal navy shield extenders and hardners with shield+ mining tank nets you 650,000ehp hot. vs 420,000ehp cold. and gankers don’t actually ship scan or understand how orca tank works so they somehow didn’t account for the fact it had 350,000ehp more then it would have had if t2 fit. but yeah. never flew an orca again in high sec. not worth it.

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