Is GeForce 1030 enough to play medium settings?

Hi, pilots!

I play Eve on my Core i3 2x3300MHz 8Gb DDR3 and integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000.
I have set graphics to low and turned off effects, so game runs comfortably, no freezes.
Except of relic hacking window. It lags terribly

I won’t to spend a lot of money to expensive upgrade.
Advice me please, is GeForce 1030GT 2GB GDDR5 enough to solve relic perfomance?
And maybe raise graphic settings to medium?

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Yes. Eve isn’t that demanding. I was able to run a 1080P client with most settings on high (texture and shader medium) using the integrated graphics on an AMD Ryzen 2400G - and the discrete GTX 1030 should be able to do better than that.

Bear in mind that the 1030 is old technology and may not be satisfactory if you play more demanding games, multiple clients or higher resolutions. I’ll recommend investing a bit more for the GTX 1650

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I have not enough time to left for another game. So, Eve is my single love ) Thaks for your reply! I’ll try 1030.

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