Is Highsec Ganking Honorable PVP?

A member of my alliance soloed a marauder with his talos before Concord arrived: Paladin | RuHaGon | Killmail | zKillboard

It happened at the entrance of the Highsec Carebear Event. These are the details:

It was 1vs1 (probably the first 1vs1 gank against a marauder?).
The miner was able to shoot back in his paladin.
The miner was not AFK.
The miner was not suspect.
It was a gank.

I believe this example is enough to confirm that Ganking is among the most honorable and most Elite PVP out there.

(and it was fun as hell)


PVP is neither honorable nor dishonorable. It’s just a core part of the game.

If you are trying to be honorable in PVP you are going to be a loser and if you are trying to be dishonorable, then you’re possibly just an asshole.

Just kill stuff and be killed and move on to the next engagement.


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Honor amongst gwanker thieves would only be concidered honorable within that niche group.

Will not be frostpackers quote as it never was though Safety should label their next blog post about that.

I’m gonna assume the marauder pilot was an idiot. Because with bastion mode on, he could permatank that talos and would also do 3x the DPS of him, with dual webs.

Maybe we need to ask to see the chatlog to understand the picture fully.

I am going to guess that the pilot was spooked in some way like a spike in local chat were a simple comment about buddies are on their way to help, potentially making the pilot drop out of bastion to try and run.

An honorable tactic.


Each of us must gank for our own reasons. In my opinion, the most honorable form of Eve gameplay is enforcing The Code, which was brought to us by savior, James 315.

Other people gank for money or gank for the explosions. Some even gank because of a deep seated hatred of bot-aspirant, Mammon-worshiping, resource-stripping highsec miners.

So long as the ganker is being true to their own inner voice, nothing could be more honorable.

Perhaps the more important question would be: in highsec, is there any activity that is more honorable than ganking?

All PVP is PVP.


Anti-ganking or moreso- WHORING on killmails and claiming it to be PVP - is by far the least honorable form of PVP. Shooting at ships destined to die - unless ofc you are attacked by a bully who is going after a humble astero doing a mining mission with smartbombs then sir, you are not AG - you are elite!

Exhibit A;
Leshak | NOSKLOK | Killmail | zKillboard elite

Exhibit B;
Coercer | Gay Pride BOOOOOM | Killmail | zKillboard dishonorable


That don’t have mining permits.

I had someone get quite salty today over the loss of their 28m ISK Retriever. The 'you’ve ruined my entire life ’ routine. I felt the tiniest twinge of being bad…

…but almost immediately that was replaced by wondering how anyone can get so enraged over losing 35p worth of ship.

Likewise I hear talk of ‘poor, defenceless, ships’. But any ship is ‘defenceless’ when overwhelmed. Like this example…which ended in ‘good fight’ despite the fact it was the second ship I lost to them in half an hour…

Honourable is when you let the enemy have their victory and the enjoyment of it. It is crucial to all games.

Every ship is defenseless with a bad pilot…

Vedmak, the poor woman’s Ikitursa

It was someone else’s Vedmak. Borrowed, but like a long overdue library book…never returned :slight_smile:

Give that a rest, everyone knows it ended!

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Hands up! Whoever paid for that? D-scan was cheaper.

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Anybody who could use dscan wouldn’t have been mining in highsec.

Ah, but you didn’t answer my question. How many paid for it. :wink:

You should play some FPS survival games on Steam.

Nothing like some 46-year-old railing about how he will “rape your mother to death” for “griefing him” after you shoot him and he loses some basic starter gun and 2 cans of food that he looted out of a house a minute after spawning.