Is IChooseYou building a monopoly on names?

When I’ve first heard about Ascension a few months before it got released, I talked to my buddy about how a market for Characters will eventually change into a market of Names (and maybe Looks).

Names are the only unique item a character has. Everything else can be replaced by spending ISK. It has base (or post-drainage) SP, and his only actual value is his name (and maybe the looks), because SP can be switched out at will.

And he’s not the only one doing it.

The outcome of this, as I predict it, is a market where people choose characters based on names (and looks) and order them with a pre-configured, or chosen set of skillpoints.

What do you think? :grin:



i do wonder if you somehow are directly, or indirectly, connected to my buddy. :grin:

That sounds like a valuable and useful service to offer. I could imagine purchasing characters from someone on those terms and paying a little extra.

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But i can just add xX and Xx to bookend my names…

you totally don’t sound like an alt. :smile:

i agree, though. it’s the way to go and there’s no turning hack.

Taken from the pages of marketing and advertising 101.
Generate controversy and hype.
Get everyone talking.

i have no stakes in the matter. And that actually bothers me a bit sometimes, but i don’t execute ideas, i just deliver them. :grin:

odd how low the traffic here is. i thought the topic would gain more interest.

I dunno it depends if you’re happy for everyone to think you’re a 12 year old girl for the rest of your EvE career.


Think of it as website domain names. The good/memorable ones fetch top dollar, and are often traded. I think this would be a good thing to pursue. Once you have a small stockpile, throw up a forum post with names and race (I say race due to some people wanting to keep the character alpha?), and bid them away!

yeap, exactly what i had in mind. i suggested it to a friend as mentioned above, now i wonder if iChooseYou is somehow, indirectly, his work. (that sonofacucumberbarrel… lol)

i foresaw a huge market waiting to happen. what i didn’t consider was that charsales cost actual money now. i’m not sure that was a thing when i had the idea. vOv

anyone making billions may feel free to give me a 1% cut, because i’m a nice guy giving you ideas. :blush:

Just add character sale cost to the bid price, that way the character sale fees are covered.

Say a character fetches 3b. Add the transfer fee (I have no idea what it is) to is. Therefore the buyer ends up paying 3,000,000,000.00 + transfer fees worth of isk.