Is it just me or launching the client login screen has become a lot slower and resource consuming in the past days?

Just a couple of days ago I could launch 30 clients in just seconds and the login screen was there in no time. Also, the login process took just a couple of seconds.

Right now, any client launch consumes at least 1.5 Gigabytes of ram which looks pretty absurd to me (actually the quality presets before launch don’t make any difference) and it is very very slow. Just the login screens takes several seconds to appear.

One could think this is a “resource preload” so everything is smoother later on but what it happens is the total opposite.
The first time you undock is way slower and I get a black screen for a way longer period compared to before.

The funny thing is that as time passes, each client consumes less and less ram and becomes more responsive.

So, asking again, is this only happening to me or is it a general thing lately?

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