Is it normal?

I been wondering is it normal that 5 systems belt are all empty on ore about 1-3 hours after DT. I can´t see anything in space or overview. But I mean damn 5 system close to each other all empty in the span of 2- 3 hours. And they barely has much players at least when im system there are like 6-10 people. And we are talking 30-40 belts

The systems are Onnamon,Uuhulanen,Tsuruma, Asoth, (well Asoth had 1 belt full of ore" and Ahtila


Yeah, it’s normal. NPCs will fly around mining out the belts automatically.

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Damn and so fast I mean there must be many npc miners if they empty like 50 belts in the span of 5 hours damn.

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You can check your overview to see if how many belts there are in a system, I don’t believe many systems in empire space that “like 50 belts”.

And yes, NPCs can mine a lot if left alone. It’s also partly due to the fact that belts in empire space don’t really have all that much ore in them to begin with, so they can be mined out fairly quickly.

My all time record seeing npc miners are 60 in a single belt…

It’s clearly out of hands…


move to gallente space, we shoot NPC miners… problem solved


Its up to the player to fix it. Go shoot them up.


And the response fleet will kill you regardless what you fly…

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If youre alone, sure. Get help.


Shouldn’t be necessary,simple as it is…

Why shouldnt it be necessary?

Because high end npc do not belong to high sec maybe?

High sec should be what is a ‘low level zone’ in other mmog and therefore no high end stuff you cannot do solo.

bottom line…

This is the reason why there is no dark ochre or stuff like that in high…it’s a low level area…

And should be treated like one…

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What? Why? Who said they shouldnt?

So what are incursions and Level 4 missions and Burner Missions, for?

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I would remove burner missions,lvl 4 is not THAT high end but everything else,even incursions and filaments do not belong to high ime.
If you remove all ganking npc too everybody would be happy…

Oh, okay. I completely agree with you. Unfortunately, the game does not, and neither do the devs. So as long as burners and Incursions are in hisec,

So yes, for now, it is normal, and it is up to the player to kill NPCs.

I dont think everyone would.

If you would define high as ‘low level area’ this would be a consequence of it…

But people wouldnt be happy.

Some of them surely wouldn’t…but the reasonable ones would go to low and null…you will always have a couple of ragequitters if you make decisions like that :slight_smile:

Well, you can leave your application to become CEO of CCP with Helmar i suppose. Do tell me how that turns out.