Is it okay to go vigilante on a rulebreaker?

I haven’t yet, but there’s many times I have undocked and gotten dogpiled, OR I see someone attacking someone else, and I just wanna enforce the rules myself. I even fit up a Blackbird to jam the infringer. but…eh if it’s frowned upon I won’t do it no matter what I feel.

What rules exactly? Only real rules are what’s spelled out in the CCP EULA.

just aggress the vargur and call concord for backup

If you see someone in hisec with a criminal flag (which they will get once they start a suicide gank attempt), it’s open hunting season. If you are in a position to capitalize on it - why not?

Just don’t be surprised if they manage to fight back and blow you up. That’s the price of admission.

I meant in the main testing system 6-C on station :stuck_out_tongue:

There are more strict rules on the test server than on the main one.

6-C is one of the designated combat zones.

someone tried to suicide gank my hel in highsec multiple times,by attacking with another supercarrier and they did it the way to avoid concord response. no wardec no enemy wreck but my hel had taken up to 40% armor

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