Is it possible to appeal back after successful role transfer

My role transfer has been successful, and the transfer time has passed for 10 hours. Can I appeal back ?

Like, from CEO to non-CEO or something?

You can ask the person who is the new CEO to transfer it back to you. I dont know why this would require an appeal.

I’m assuming you’re talking about character sales. If you think the transfer is not going as it should then you will have to open a ticket with customer support.

We can’t help you with this.

If hes talking about character transfer, unless there is an actual problem, like the buyer didnt give him the full amount of isk or something, then no, i dont think customer support can help. If ISK changed hands, and the agreed upon amount was transfered, then the deal is done and he cant get it back unless the other player would be willing to do an exchange back.

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Further clarification from OP would be needed. Considering he’s referencing 10 hrs would suggest it is a character transfer, that he may be getting cold feet from the sale

But we don’t know what the issue is, so let him take it up with support and then they can check if they can help.

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