Is it possible to avoid PvP?

^^ This needs to be emphasized.

Avoiding PvP in a game like EVE is a form of PvP in of itself.
it requires a degree of planning, forethought, knowledge, and execution.


For exploration ? No. Problem is all HS explo sites are literally crap, you have to dive into WHs, NS, LS, the pvp areas, thus its unavoidable.

For PvE, you can stay in HS and if you’re going to fly expensive ships stay in an NPC corp or have an NPC corp dedicated alt for it, but again the income will be low. It will literally take you a week of PvE in HS what it takes to do in 2-3 hours in NS. So its a very steep difference.

Mining, you can do some mining in HS as long as you stay out of high traffic areas and join a large enough corp / alliance. Do not join the small ones and of course its a lot better in NS though the difference is not as stark as that of PvE income wise.

When I first started playing I avoided pvp like the plague, then I decided to train up an alt for HS ganks… well I spend a lot of time on that alt now :hugs:


Lloyd Yeva, no problem with the pvp take it as part of the game nothing more things that happen and sometimes you can not avoid part of your story of your adventures actually the game gives for all that and more

My time in eve years ago was spent running missions solo. I always felt my eve life was boring or lacking. Always reading about big wars, hunting bling mission boats, etc. So decided to roll a new person to pvp, blow up those same people I used to be, and meet cool people to hang with. Sounds like you’re having fun now!

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Send me in-game mail, will be happy to show you some good pve activities


Yo quiero también :star_struck:

If you mean by successfully playing mouse, yes.
My last go at eve I ran exploration sites in a t3 cruiser. That ship allowed me to travel into any space I wanted to explore and escape with relative ease.

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