Is it possible to get mumble to only overlay on one of my monitors/eve windows?

I dual box and recently came back to the game, followed by corp-ing up. As necessary, I got mumble reinstalled and enabled the overlay.

However, the overlay shows up on both my monitors (in the same position), and I don’t see any settings in mumble itself that dictate one screen only, so I don’t think this is a specific eve issue.

I wouldn’t mind so much except my monitors are different resolutions and it faffs up the overlay, to the point where on my second monitor I’ll be doing whatever pve content, the overlay is on top of the target overview and selected item windows (as I have the overlay lined up to the left of these on my main monitor).

Does anyone know a way to force mumble to only overlay on one screen?

I think you might get a faster/better reply on the Mumble forums.

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