Is it possible to limit categories when viewing new posts?

Looking under the New tab at the top of the forums, is it possible to limit that view to only a subset of possible categories?

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Iā€™d love to know this too.

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If I remember correctly, muted categories will not show up in the new list. You can mute categories from your preferences window.

  • Click on your picture on the nav bar
  • Go to Preferences (the cog)
  • Select Notifications > Categories.

Note: Mutes do not apply recursively, you need to mute each sub categories.


That worked, thank you.

One bit of feedback: the selection control for muting categories is not easy to use. Is there a way to go from a text auto-complete entry to a set of check boxes? I found it hard to mute the categories that use all Cryllic characters. I eventually got it with some copy-and-paste effort, but it would be nice to just be able to choose from a list rather than use auto-complete.

That would be a question for CCP Avalon. Something that may be worth trying however; setting the sub forums you want to get notifications from. I did this on launch day and I never seem to get notifications from any of the other categories.